Word for Mac

Eventually, I’ll get access to my old hard drive. When I do, I’ll write all of my Word documents onto a CD so that I can get to them if (when) I have more problems with my PC. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could use my Word documents on my PowerBook G4? Then I could just pop in the disc and type away!

I see that amazon has Word for Mac, but it costs 200 bones. :eek: There are two reviews. One reviewer gave it five stars, mentioning that it ran slow on his G3 but very fast on a friend’s G5. I guess I’d be in the middle. The other reviewer gave three stars and said that one should consider skipping it.

I’m very new to Macs, and haven’t tried the word processor yet. (I assume the computer came with one, but I don’t even know what it’s called if it did.) Will it ‘translate’ Word documents into the Mac equivalent? I don’t have any Word docs that are transportable, so I can’t even test it.

I got a Powerbook a few months ago, and it came with a demo version of Word 2004. I tried to open a couple of Word files, and it didn’t work. I can open Word files in TextEdit, but it doesn’t keep any of the formatting, so you get just the text.

You can always try OpenOffice for the Mac. If it’s anything like the Windows and Linux version, it should be able to open most Word files. Don’t have a Mac, though, so I can’t say for sure.

The claim is that Appleworks 6.0 can read and write Word files. I haven’t tried it, but at $79.00, it seems like an attractive alternative to Word.

One thing to try is to save your word documents as RTF* files. Any of the fancy stuff like embedded pictures and such (I believe) can’t be saved. But for text formatting, fonts, underlines, etc. everything should be preserved and portable.
True, I’ve always had Word so have done the wimpy thing and saved to .doc files–but in my understanding, almost everything supports RTF, even though no one seems to use it. Keep your backups till you have verified them all of course. :wink:

  • A public standard for formatted text document files

Or try NeoOffice/J which is a port of OpenOffice that doesn’t require X11 and uses the standard Mac OS X interface. It’s just been released over the past couple days, and I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

Huh. I had to jump back and forth from my PC at home to the OS9 Mac at school all year, and I never noticed any real problems from using Word 2000 and Word for Mac.

I’ll vouch for NeoOffice/J. It launches will all the nimble alacrity of the Queen Mary II pulling out of port, but it’s more compatible for opening Word documents than anything else I’ve tried. (And it’s not slow to use, just to launch). The combination of excellent compatibility and free price make it a clear winner.


AbiWord. Requires the X11 environment. Also free. Smaller than NeoOffice/J, launches faster. Less compatible, doesn’t handle all Word documents. Note that printing from an X11 application can be an exercise in Unix-think that you may or may not find appealing.

OpenOffice. Requires the X11 environment. Also free. Looks and feels more like Word than AbiWord but no more so than NeoOffice/J. Not small. Same problems as AbiWord w/regards to X11ish considerations.

AppleWorks, iWork. I’ve never used iWork so I’ll just assume that most of the same applies. Not free, although some Macs come with it preinstalled. Cheaper than Word (substantially so). Less compatible with Word than the rest, in my experience. Word processor module doesn’t look or behave at all like Word, which is either wonderful and nice (if, like me, you really really hate Word) or far from wonderful and nice (if you want the look and feel of Word when you’re composing/editing/viewing documents). NeoOffice/J and OpenOffice are far more Word-like.

MacLink Plus. This is not a word processor (or office suite) at all, it’s a Swiss-Army knife of translators. If you wish to view your Uncle Tommy’s Word documents in Nisus or MacWrite Pro or WriteNow, or you need to convert your own AppleWorks WP documents for your Mom who uses Lotus WordPro on her PC, this is the tool for the job. (It also does spreadsheets, which can be useful. And graphics files, which is redundant if you have GraphicConverter). Not free. Not as compatible with Word documents as NeoOffice/J but more versatile and lets you use the word processor of your choice.

Word itself. Word X has its fans. If you actually like Word, the OS X version is actually regarded as better than the Windows version by many people. As you’d expect, it’s extremely compatible. (It won’t do object linking and embedding but neither will any other Mac solution. That technology just never landed on our side of the river. Chunks of spreadsheets linked from Excel documents aren’t going to make it in your Word documents on the Mac, unless Microsoft did something in very recent history that I don’t know about). Word X may even be too compatible with Word for Windows, as it will execute Word macros including macros that are effectively viruses and will insert themselves in all other Word documents. Word macros don’t do any damage on a Mac but they can spread to other Word documents that later get on PCs and mess them up. Oh, and Word is expensive. If your’e a student you can acquire it more cheaply. You can also often score a copy on eBay, although I can’t promise the legitimacy thereof.

I use Appleworks 6.0 on my G-5 and MacOffice 2001 on my ancient G-3 Appleworks tanslates from that as well as Word docs from my friend’s Word 2004 PC. (I don’t know if that’s the program name)

I use MarineWrite (mainly for its solid RTF implementation and applescriptability), but it too should open most Word Files. I will be looking at NeoOffice though. $59