Word Meaning in Context: A Critical Review

Word meaning can be vague or unclear until interpreted within a specific contextual setting.

For example, “He threw up the ball” may have a different meaning depending on if you are attending a) a baseball game or b) a frat party.

Today’s word is “carrion.” The question “Are you carrion?” may have a different meaning depending on if it is directed to:
a) a rotting corpse
b) a drug mule
c) a piece of luggage

This can present an ambiguous concept and context is key to understanding: many different interpretations are possible, depending on if the speaker is in an airport or in a desert or on a border.

Break up into groups of three or four and discuss.

The answer can only be A. if you were transporting drugs or a suitcase, you would be carrYING. An entirely different word, making the original premise invalid.

The example appears flawed to me as well. Although I could accept the second usage, I don’t the first would be tolerated by anyone except a four year old.