Word puzzle of the day at work today...

So… today at work, we’re trying to block some spam.

In order to block this spam, we need to figure out if there are words in the English language that fit this weird question:
Are there any words that have at least 2 groups of 3 or more vowels in a row preceded and separated and followed by consonants?

i.e., cvvvcvvvc

We are properly stumped. Who can show us their vocabularic prowess? I await the wisdom of the teeming millions. :slight_smile:


Or beauteous.

Hehe… Yay! I knew someone here could find an edge case… not that it’s all good… as that’s one less spammer dying a painful death today.; =)
but the teeming millions come through yet again.

Just curious, how does this block spam?

beauteous!! :lol Of course. I knew that looked wrong.

From the 1913 Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary

Heteroousious (Having different essential qualities; of a different nature.)
Monoousious (Having but one and the same nature or essence.)
Tautoousious (Having the same essence; being identically of the same nature.)

I’m not sure why it’s not in the 1913 Webster’s, but homoousious is in the OED.

As to how it would catch spam, spammers fall into patterns, and we look for them. =) We take great pains not to catch real mail, though… so we wanted to see if there were edge cases around that pattern. =) And there are. =)

I’ll repeat the query above - how do word games stop spam?
We’d love to know.

I take it you’re analyzing the text of incoming emails looking for certain patterns, and you were hoping that cvvvcvvvc would indicate spam?

How many spams have a cvvvcvvvc string in them?

Maybe it’s a heuristic - he may be looking for those random strings of characters spammers use to evade spam filters. i.e. He might be pattern matching, looking for patterns that couldn’t possibly arise in English words, and concluding therefore that such patterns must be the random strings used by spammers. Am I close?

I’d say more… but the NDA police would come and get me. =)