"Wordle," a strangely compelling word game

Guess a five-letter word in six tries. Letters in your guess are colored yellow if they’re in the word, green if they’re in the right place in the word, and gray if they’re not in the word. There’s only one puzzle per day, and it’s the same puzzle for everybody.


Woo hoo! 5 guesses!

Thanks for this.

Very cool! Got it in 3 tries.

Woohoo! Three tries. Thanks!

I think it’s lucky there is only one available - it seems like an addiction waiting to happen.

3 for me too.

Got very lucky and got it in two.

First try FEAST gave me the E and the A

I got it in 5, but I think I was subconsciously helped by today’s correct word being featured in the instructions.

I got it in 3! I think it was luck as much as anything.

Took me all 5.

Great game; nice take on Word Whomp.

Nice - did it in three tries.

There’s a game show in the UK with exactly this game.

The concept is similar to the logic game Mastermind that I loved as a kid. There are pegs in 6 colors, the non-player sets up a hidden row of 4 pegs. The player makes a guess, and then is told how many are correct color & position, and how many are correct color but wrong position. But in this game, no information on which of the four pegs in a guess are correct - that makes the reasoning required more sophisticated.

Wow I got it on the 2nd try.

I enjoyed this (got it in 4 tries) - is there a site or application so I can play more often?

This is fun.


Got lucky with my gross second guess.

Here’s a site where you can play endlessly:

Online Lingo | COKO GAMES

Was that a prank? That’s a web site to teach elementary school kids math and typing.

Not a prank (it wouldn’t be much of one anyway, would it?)

When I click on the link, I can play endless games of 5 or 6 letter LINGO (the same game as Wordle.)
Does that game not come up on your screen? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am having trouble playing this. I enter 5 random letters and always get “not in word list” notification.

After that, all I can do is erase each letter, then try another 5, which also get the same response.

I can go through the entire alphabet with no correct letters.

I cannot advance down one level (I thought my first guess, even if wrong, would remain visible on the first line and you would guess again on the second line).

Am I doing something wrong?


Lingo did not come up on my phone, but I searched and got it.

It didn’t load on my phone. I couldn’t play it.

For WORDLE’s word for today it took me 5 tries — after my first 2 tries yielded 10 gray letters.

Does WORDLE only use words with 5 different letters, IOW no repeated letters?

Are you hitting enter after you fill in the last letter?

When I do, the tiles reveal their color and it moves me down to the next row.