"Wordle," a strangely compelling word game

Every word attempt needs to be a valid word in its own right.

The five letters must spell out an actual word.

Solved today’s by the skin of my teeth. Many internal rules are yet to be revealed, I’m sure – for example I tried a proper name, a very common one, and it wasn’t on the list. (At that point you need to use the delete or backspace key to clear the bad word.)

Also tried using some double letters, one of which was in the word; the game’s response was to highlight in green or yellow only one of the doubles, not both. I’ll go ahead and reveal that today’s answer does not contain a double letter, so I don’t know how the game will behave when that is the case, if it ever is.

I recommend Hard Mode in the settings, which forces you to use the hints you’ve been given (which ought to be the strategy anyway). When I tripped up and re-used a letter already proved not in the puzzle, though, it let me do that even in Hard Mode.

This and hitting enter (which is frustratingly on the left side!) will allow you to advance, @Mean_Mr.Mustard.

I was feeling a bit cocky after yesterday, but my first two attempts yielded no valid letters today, and it took 4 tries total.

Wouldn’t it be odd if it highlighted both, unless there were two of that letter in the solution?

Suppose the word is “kudos” and I type “duped.” I might expect both D’s to be highlighted yellow, because that letter is present, and where I positioned them, neither is more correct than the other. Turns out it doesn’t work that way, true, but it might have.

You were expecting that it might give you the same response regardless of how many d’s were in the solution? That would be very odd.

Well ok then, thanks.

This was my problem. Thanks, @Mighty_Mouse!

Third try yesterday. Couldn’t get today’s; probably at least in part because I kept thinking of double-letter possible solutions. Maybe I’m less awake right now.

I thought the hint it gave yesterday was related to the actual word, with it giving W as the first letter, but they used that same example today so I guess it was just lucky that yesterday’s word happened to actually start with W.

There’s a pretty good way to almost always win, but not necessarily win quickly. The four words
contain 20 of the 26 letters and all the vowels. So in four guesses you’ll probably have all the letters and certainly all the vowels. If you don’t have all five, the missing letters are NQVWXZ, and a guess of VIXEN covers three of those 6. You’ll very likely be able to get the word in the 6th guess.

If you switch on “hard” mode you cannot do that. You must include correct letters in the next guess.


ACUTE (Correct)

It’s a great game.

Today —

ACUTE (correct)

Yes it’s a fun game.

Today I went:


I’m using hard mode. So far the word TRAIN seems to be the best starting word to help pare down things going forward. Is there is a better word that Uses 5 of the most common letters ETAOIN SHRDLU?

I think RATES might be better.

How about RATIO? Gets three of the vowels checked off.

That’s funny, I have been using RATED.

None of the 3 solutions I’ve seen so far has had a repeated letter. Has anyone been playing longer to know if that’s always the case?