Okay, I came up with one that I’m hoping will take y’all more than five minutes.

What is the significance of the following list?


Duh, they all start with “F”. Sheesh…put a little effort into it next time…



Okay – here’s a hint. The list’s order has some significance.

Damn…there goes my theory. Ah well…it wasn’t working anyway. I had been thinking “drop a letter and you can anagram to get a new word”, but “FIXED” doesn’t fit (although all the others do).


ETA: It’s past my bedtime. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

You can’t rearrange the letters in any of those words to make any new words :slight_smile:
(that’s all I got.)

The pattern is…well, the first rule is not to talk about any pattern…

The number of letters in each of the first seven words (455-4544) was Kip and Henry’s phone number on the hit sitcom “Bosom Buddies.” The last two numbers (55) is Peter Scolari’s current age.

Am I right?

I see two possibilities here:

  1. Out of nine words, only the middle word–that is, word no. 5–has two syllables (FORTY).

  2. The list of words is symmetrical, vowel-wise:

FACE: 2 vowels
FIXED: 2 vowels
FLING: 1 vowel
FLAN: 1 vowel
FORTY: 1 vowel (2 if we’re counting Y)
FRET: 1 vowel
FONT: 1 vowel
FORGE: 2 vowels
FEIGN: 2 vowels

2, 2, 1, 1, 1 (or 2, depending on how we count the Y), 1, 1, 2, 2. Symmetrical.

I’ll keep trying…


One of these is the “f” in “14 k of g in a f p d?”

twickster is having a relapse to her previous job?

The second letter of each word combine to form a secret message?

Ail Lor Ooe.

Yes, that explains everything! Now, I can take over the world!

They’re all words you should never try to pronounce when you have a faceful of novocaine?

does dance of joy

Y’all realize this is the first time I’ve thrown out one of these and not gotten the correct answer in ten minutes or less?

Here’s another hint: FLING could have come after FEIGN.

And for those focusing on word length – FRET could have been FUR.


Let me know when you’re ready for the next hint …

Umm… yesterday?

I’ve screamed every one of those during sex?

Meet ling – the lazy cryptic cruciverbalist’s analogue to your “beloved” anoa.

I tried replacing the final letter of each word in the list, but got stumped on FEIGN after coming up with FACT, FIXES, FLINT, FLAT, FORTH, FREE, FOND, and FORGO. I’ll think about this over lunch, and will probably figure it out, only to return to the computer and discover someone has beaten me to the punch in posting the solution…

They can all invovle shit.

Shit FACEd
FIXED broken shit
FLING shit
FLAN tastes like shit
FORTY is old as shit
FRET about shit you can’t control
FONT of knowlege and shit
FORGE shit
FEIGN shit

I got nothin.