Words in non-English languages for someone who talks too much

Like the subject says…what are some words or phrases in other languages that correspond with the English words/phrases “jabberjaws,” “blatherskite,” “running on at the mouth,” etc.?

(I will not be using these to mock anyone or anything. Just a friendly little joke between a friend and I.)

German: Schwätzer m, Schwätzerin f, Vielschwätzer m, Vielschwätzerin f, Plappermaul n, Quasselstrippe f

In Hindi, we use “badbadiya”, pronounced bud-bud-ya.

Also, “bakbaki”, pronounced buck-buckee.

Chiaccherone (pronounced kia-ke-roh-neh), means talks a lot.


moulin a paroles or babillard(e) for chatterbox.

Loquat: The Speaker of Tongues.

gar chi huac huac

Yiddish: Yenta.

In Mandarin: 多嘴 (duo1 zui3) - literally, “many mouthed”.

Russian: трепач “trepach” or болтун “boltoon”

Hebrew: Patp’tan or Barb’ran – both supposedly onomatopeic (i.e., with no “meaning” of their own, basicly imitating the sound of… making sounds, I guess)