words that sound like they are being spelled

Strange concept, and one I hadn’t thought of until today.

A coworkers last name is Iandiorio. We had some visitors to the office, so when she stated her name as we were making introductions, I was only half paying attention and realized that for a second I didn’t know whether she was saying her last name or spelling it. It dawned on me that I dont think I’ve ever heard a word that, when spoken, sounds a lot like it would when spelled out.

Maybe I’m just crazy - but has anyone else ever come across any other words like that?



The road we live on is Pee Dee Branch – that’s a headache trying to give out over the phone. “123 Pee Dee Branch – no, it’s Pee E E, Dee E…no, hon, listen, 2 words – P as in paul, e as in edward…oh, fuck it, send it to my po box.”