Words we don't use anymore

Excuding the racial ones and ethnic ones what words don’t we use anymore.

We don’t say depression we now say recession.

We don’t say handicapped, it’s physically challenged.

Nobody anymore says transistor (for radio)

Any others?


My grandmother always said “davenport” (for couch) and “pocketbook” (for purse). I’ve never heard anyone use them since.

I think devanport depends on your area of the country, i have a lot of relatives in northern MN who use it often.

a lot of phrases fall by the wayside and get funny looks. Like “piece of tail” the first time I said that recently my wife looked at me like I was from another planet!

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Cher, are we related? My grandmother says the same things!

Point taken.

Mark, some economic expert got into trouble for using “recession” (instead of depression) because that was too nay-saying as well, and ended up stating, “Okay, I’ll call them bananas then,” and made a whole speech in which he predicted that the market would take a moderate banana, recovering from it in… :slight_smile:

My aunt used to (a) refer to bicycles as wheels (b) use Frigidaire as the generic term for refrigerator, unless she used “icebox” instead. She is also the original author of “As fall comes, it gets late so early” (with reference to sunset).

Davenport made me think of another one.

Parlor now we say living room

I still hear some older people refer to a remote control as a “clicker”.

'Round here, women still carry a pocketbook.

A recession is an economic slowdown, a depression is an economic near collapse.

I haven’t used the term “buggy whip” in a while. Or “oleo” for margarine.

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Hey, my grandma says “davenport” and “pocketbook” too! I’d love to own a pocketbook…the luggage I carry is far too big to even qualify as a purse.

Thus,thence,whence,wench,wherefore art thou?

Having a gay old time.





(that’s all I can think of at the moment.)

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Nevermind, someone already said that… tarnation!

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

We don’t say GENOCIDE we say “Ethnic Cleansing”. I hate when people call it ethnic cleansing.

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I use the word oleo. It’s short for oleomargarine. Davenport too, I have one in the livingroom.

I don’t have a parlor, but my dad’s house had both. They serve different purposes. A livingroom used to be a sitting-room (female only or mixed sex entertaining)and a parlor is a smoking-room or den (male only).

Does anyone know what a housecoat is? I’ve heard that word before, but if I ask, the answer is just “A housecoat is a housecoat, what do you mean?”

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How about words we use now but could be on the way out?

We still “dial” the telephone, although some modern pre-adolescents probably have never seen an actual telephone dial.

I think dial will always be around.

But I still use Gee and Thus. I even use clicker.

But then again I say answer phone which seems to confuse everyone.

I think a housecoat may be a robe…

I still say my phone rings, but it actually sort of buzzes.

How about veranda? We used to sit on the veranda and watch the loobies go by. Later, we might put on our glad rags and go down to the automat.

Why do I seem to be imitating Grandpa Simpson?

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Cheers! CAL