Words you find giggle worthy

Not because of the meaning but because of the sound. One of mine is the word foible. I say it out loud and it sounds like a mistake.

foyble (say it in a high pitched voice)

Garbage is another word. While I don’t giggle to it it still strikes a cord with me. You can say it so many ways.

gerbidge, garbasch, etc…

pacific, specific, pacific, specific, pacific, specific






Boobies and poop.


And panties. But I think that’s more because of the meaning. Damnit, I can’t say panties without smiling! Any other guys do this?

Although this is not one word, here’s one for Zette, surely enough to get her giggle muscles moving:

Camel Toes

Now Zette, I request that you don’t read this after a large meal of bowel producing foods.






Spango (I know, that’s not technically a “real” word, but damn, that was a funny movie…).

I will vote for that one twice. It’s almost as bad as the reason you need to have a lozenge. It sticks in your throat like a spoon of peanut butter you sucked down too fast and your throat is working overtime to get rid of the gooey mass and wishing it would pass like a kidney stone.

< snort >

girl sounds like hurl

Y’know, Tech’ems, the word “snort” is purdy amusing, too.

I also have a special place in my heart for the words “moo” and “poke”.


The word/phrase heebie-jeebies always tickles me.

Wanna make me laugh? Write this down on a piece of paper and show it to me unexpectedly. :smiley:

I also can’t whistle the Old Spice theme without laughing, but that’s Eddie Murphy’s fault and not what you asked.


there’s more, but I’m giggling too much right now…

To finish a crossword the other day, I came up with “pot knob”. It made my sister giggle hysterically.


Matriculate - Sounds like it should mean to drool while chewing. Interviewer: “And where did you matriculate?” Me: “Oh, all down the front of my shirt.”

Lugubrious - Not real sure what it even means, but that doesn’t keep me from using it.