Words you never really knew the meaning of --till now.

Books by European authors or simply those set in Europe often mention “vestibule” and “portico” when describing a big house or a building. I never bothered to know what those meant. So now, a vestibule is simply a small room or division between the front door and the main interior. A portico is simply a porch.


I didn’t know those terms were specifically European.

I think I encounter it with American authors mainly with Ludlum and Uris.

Oh, and I take the word “panache” solely in context to imply a flashy, outlandish style, which is close to the Wiki definition (just now :D.)

Vestibule is also more or less a synonym for ‘vulva’, which makes it useful in double-entendre such as “Won’t you come into my vestibule?”

I thought “SIC” was only one interpretation but not…

Additionally, the vaginal vault is a thing.

Not exactly the safest place to keep your valuables :smiley:

Used to keep the Family Jewels there on occasion.

And a garden is a yard.

Vestibule is familiar to those of us who are Catholic.

What I feel stupid about is a couple of days ago a commercial for the new movie **Whiskey Tango Foxtrot **came on TV and I realized it meant “WTF?” :smack: