work comp injury,Help

here is the story,my right hand was broke at work i have a cast on it.6 months i had surgery on my left rotator cuff this was not job related.the shoulder will not allow me to reach my backside.with a cast it is not possible with the right.i can take a shower at home when i toilet however work comp,wants me back to work says i have to except the one armed job they have for me that they will not pay for me to stay home just becouse i cant allmost 50 and am not a when i have a job engery and need work comp it seems their the enemy. if i return to work and cant take care of my hygene needs and get a break down in tissue and infection then i will be in trouble becasue i cant reach the area.and it will be on me not work comp because i went back to work.really i know this sounds like a joke it’s not.i need some sound advice on what to do and can’t afford a lawyer.this site is after all the best brain trust known to man.thanks for any helpfull advice,Rocket WHAT CAN I DO?

There is a wealth of information here at the Job Accommodation site:

Also, if you work for a company of fairly large size they probably have something called an Employee Assistance Program or EAP. This could be a good source for referrals in your area as well. EAPs are designed to help with referrals and resources for any personal situation that interferes with work.

Best of luck to you with a difficult situation.

You do need sound advice, and the soundest advice I can give you is what you probably don’t want to hear: you need a lawyer. Not somebody on a message board, you need a real life honest to God lawyer in the flesh who will work for you.

Many personal injury or workers comp lawyers will consult with you for free, and many will take your case on a contingency. They realize that your injuries have put you iin a bad financial situation and that that’s exactly why you need them. Ask and call around to find a good lawyer in your area to voice your concerns to. Good luck to you.