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Yep - float day

You have an agreement with your employer regarding your compensation. The opinion of your SO and other dopers about whether you “should” receive additional compensation doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

The solution lies with Abisha, says me.

She’s working 10hr days, to get Monday off. This week she already has Monday off- for the holiday, so she should be working 8hr days, this week. (Not looking for compensation, or an additional day off!) If anyone asks, a simple explanation should suffice, I’d think.

What’s hard to understand?

No! The way to do it is to take Fridays off. Three day weekends, with four days off in a row when Monday is a holiday.

I have a shrewd employee who does this. (But she is very good at her job when she is around)

A 4/10 work week and the day off is around the weekend? I would keep my mouth shut and enjoy those 3 day weekends, lest my employer decide that “fair” is ditching this whole 4/10 thing because it just leads to bickering and hair-splitting.

Conversely, if the OP doesn’t really need Mondays off, gets bored around the house or whatever, then they can always volunteer to go back to Monday-Friday workdays. For a salaried employee who already has to stick around until stuff gets done … well, I’m sure the employer won’t object.

That’s how my employer does it. Employees in good standing can choose an alternative 10 hour 4 day work week with Monday or Friday off, but are expected to work a conventional schedule on any holiday week. Note that isn’t just when the holiday falls on their day off, and the company would benefit, but also when the holiday falls in the middle of the week, and the employee would benefit. For example, without that rule, someone working a Monday-off schedule would only work 20 hours the week of Thanksgiving (Tues-Wed.), but employees on a regular schedule would work 24 (Mon.-Wed.).

What happens for Abisha when a holiday falls on a day other than Monday? If the answer is that she works a three-day week, then she may be coming out ahead over the course of the year. Even if not, I think I’d rather lose out a bit on Memorial Day and Labor day than have to give up getting a Monday off before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Y’all need to consider whether raising the issue will cause you to lose more than you gain.

At every office I have worked at…

Never worked at an office that was only 9 to 5. We always have multiple shifts and people with odd work weeks.

If there is a holiday that company gives as a paid day off, *everyone *gets it. The fact that it may fall on a day you don’t normally work is irrelevant. If that is a regular day, you would get it off (or double-time if you have to work it). If it falls on a day you are not scheduled, then you would get the next work day off…or an extra day’s pay.