*(&^(*&^ work travel... (mild)

OK, in general I like my job. I like traveling for work, most of the time. I love the frequent flyer miles, and I like seeing new cities.

However, having to fly to Salt Lake City tomorrow, back to Detroit on Wed, to Fresno, Ca (which apparently is inaccessible from Detroit, MI) on Thursday, back on Friday, and then back to SLC on Monday, and back home Tuesday, really chaps my ass.

I won’t be in any of these places long enough to do too much sightseeing, and by Monday, I’ll be to tired to care, or do anything but drink.

No trips for months, and then all of a sudden, I’m Mr. world traveler.


I feel your pain. So far this year I’ve done 40 flights, and a total of several hundred hours of flight time. King of these was an Amsterdam - Jakarta flight via Singapore, where business class was sold out (and I’m too cheap to pay 1st). 17 hours of economy. Oh the joy.

Last year was pretty nuts- the first few months of this year not so bad- only 2 trips, but now… sheesh.

Plus, the airlines (at least in the US) have gone on the cheap so much that flying’s more of a pain in the ass than it used to be.

Thankfully, I’m strictly a domestic guy these days. I remember flying coach from Detroit nonstop to Tokyo, and then to Singapore.

I wanted to kill everyone on earth at the end of that flight.

Be grateful you’re only doing domestic. The airlines have gone on the cheap everywhere.

The thing that annoys me most is the competition they seem to have for who can serve the most insulting meal.

Why even bother to serve a lunch that consists of a small, stale, tasteless bun with a slice of mystery meat? Save yourself the $0.03 it costs, and tell people to buy a sandwich before they get on.

I share your pain man. Last year when I had 7 trips to Korea from the US in one year, all we got were coach seats. And tickets so cheap, the Northwest guys laughed at us when we called to ask about upgrading with miles. This year, I manage to get out of most of the trips, only to find that the boss has said that every 5th trip can be bought bussiness class this year…sigh.

And the worst meal was the mid-flight “snack” I got on Northwest once. A frozen sandwich and cup of lukewarm water. Not just cold, frozen solid, with ice crystals. Cheap bastards.