Working Assets Long Distance

Have any 'Dopers used Working Assets long distance telephone service? Any comments, good, bad, or indifferent? jeevgurl and I were thinking about getting long distance from them in the new jeevhaus, but I’m hesitant to do so if the service is unreliable.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


I use WALD and have been very happy with them. The service is great, inexpensive, and hey- free ice cream. I also feel good knowing that my money is going to causes I believe in. Also, the bills are almost like a newsletter, there is a lot of interesting information in them. I actually look forward to reading them.

We’ve used Working Assets long distance for years and are very satisfied with the service and being able to be an armchair activist.
You can even pick and choose the causes you want to support.
It’s a great concept.

You shoulda known to ask me, silly goose! I have their long-distance, and their cellular. Rates and service are essentially the same as Sprint, except part of your revenues go to progressive political causes, which users get to vote on every year. Tell them I sent you, and they’ll give me $10 off my bill! I heartily recommend them; I’ve never had a problem, and their customer service reps are actually friendly.

Plus they’re probably still offering a coupon for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s every month for your first year; what could be better? Check out

Count me in as another satisfied customer. I’ve used WALD for several years, and have been able to transfer service serveral times without a problem. And I’ve never had any difficulty with the service or any billing snafus (which I always thought were part and parcel of telephone service). And contributing to various causes in a big bonus for me.

What everyone else said. :slight_smile: