Working farm miniatures

Does anyone know of an internet site that sells plans for working farm miniatures.
I want to build a miniature baler.
I would even buy one already made if one is available,assuming the price is right.

1/43rd and 1/64th scale balers

among dozens

Thanks astro
But I am looking to make real hay bales.

Did you just ask this question over at ?
If that wasn’t you than you might want to hop over to and keep an eye on their chat section where this was just asked. There hasn’t been an answer over there yet either.

Try this story

Also check out this thread on mini-hay baler. It is a discussion regarding buying an old miniature baler. One of the posters gives a telephone number besides the email address. You could probably contact one of these guys and they would have more information for you.

Miniature hay balers? Miniature hay balers?

Once again, the Internet brings me awareness of something I’d have otherwise been blissfully ignorant my entire life long.

Yep thats me.

I haven’t had much luck getting a response from my posts at
I did bookmark the antique tractor site you mentioned Thanks
I also emailed the guy that had two mini balers for sale.
We will be up in the Elkader Iowa area the weekend of Aug 12
for a family reunion at McGregor. I’ll call that guy then.
Thanks again

ERTL - 5770 - 1/16 Scale - $125.00 John Deere 214-t Twine-tie Baler - Precision Classics #11 (green)
They also have about 40 other, less expensive, baler models. sells the same thing for less:
#5770 John Deere 214-T Square Baler, Precision #11 - highly detailed with working features, includes gold collector medallion & historical booklet. $114.85

Apparently the best out there is ERTL’s precision series. Check our ERTL at

Good luck getting a fully functional unit – balers are extremely complex. I’m not sure how miniaturized they can get and still function. In any case, where are you going to find miniature hay?

Y’know, the only reason this thread is still here is because of manny’s intense personal interest in hay-balers, miniature and otherwise. At the most recent SD Triathalon and Beer Blast here in New York, we couldn’t shut 'im up on the subject.