Working in CA, living in OR?

Up until the end of this month we will continue residing in CA. Starting September 1, however, we will live in Oregon and my husband will drive to his CA job each day. What are some of the things that we need/are required to do? How long do we have to do them? And will this completely screw up our tax return? If anybody has any information it would be most appreciated!
(As a side note, anyone know anything about Cave Junction, OR? Positive, negative? Schools?)
Thank you!

As a native Oregonian who lives next to the Washington border, I’ll have to say you’re working it backwards.
Our neighbors in Washington if they possibly can, work in Washington ( one of the seven states with no state income tax) and shop in Oregon (one of the five states with no sales tax.)
It’s a perfectly legal strategy as long as they don’t try to buy cars in Oregon and license them here. Theoretically, they should also declare to Washington if they buy large ticket items like applicances here so Washington can get its bite, but in practices, that’s overlooked. They do have periodic crackdowns on vehicles, though.

I am far from being an accountant or tax adivisor, but check out this site for some background on the community.

Good luck, and welcome to the Beaver State. The lack of sales tax gets to be fun, and the microbreweries are to die for. Just don’t get me started on the legislature.