Working (online) while visiting the USA

I am a Canadian interested in perhaps visiting the USA for a month or two.

I am interested in figuring out if I would have the right to work (I work for a French website) while visiting?

I can’t imagine this would violate the normal rules but some one recently suggested it might so I thought I would ask you all for your opinions. Certainly I would not be allowed to try and work for an American company but that is totally different. I am just trying to continue tele-commuting to my French virtual-job.

What do you think, is it allowed?

You wouldn’t be working in the US, you would be working in France while your ass happened to sit in the US. Same as people visiting the US on business but whose income continues to be “back home” do not need to pro-rate the part of their salary they made in those days they were physically in the US, you wouldn’t.

IANAL, etc etc, but that’s the rough version.