Workplace-sppropriate hats and headgear?

Up until a few months ago, I had a full head of hair. That was, until alopecia aerota came calling. Now, my scalp has the appearance of a cancer patient that is a couple of months into chemotherapy.

I’m being treated for the alopecia - hydrocortisone shots in the scalp, hydrocortisone gels, and in the near future, possibly oral steroids. Some hair is growing back, but there’s still a bit of shedding.

My hair is fairly patchy, but I don’t look that repulsive yet. If seen from the front, I still look somewhat normal. If an alopecia patch forms towards the front of my head, though, it’s all over - I’ll either have to shave it all off, or somehow cover it. If shave my head, it makes checking for areas of regrowth difficult. Thus, I’ve got to find a way to somehow cover my hair, yet still be presentable – my job involves a lot of public contact and speaking.

Do any of you have any ideas how to cover my hair, but still look presentable in a government office?

A toupee?

Somehow, I get the feeling that you weren’t trying to be helpful. Do you know what alopecia areota is? It’s PATCHY and all over, not just pattern baldness at the top of my head.

Besides, I’m seeking a temporary fix; my hair will eventually grow back.

I’m not looking for hugs and sympathy, but I’m not looking for disparaging remarks, either.

Do-rags have been popular in my workplace for those who have gone through chemo.

One co-worker I used to work with had alopecia and had a beautiful wig - you couldn’t tell at all.

What is your everyday attire? If you’re wearing a suit, maybe a nice hat - Kangol/fedora. If it’s more khakis and polos, try a do-rag.

Help out those of us who have forgotten: Are you a male or female type of person? (I’m guessing male, but I want to be sure.) That way we can avoid making ridiculous suggestions.

If it’s really a government office, the answer to your question should be stated fairly clearly in a document that HR has.

I wasn’t disparaging you, I was making a suggestion. The exact same suggestion that the next person to appear in the thread made.

Don’t worry, I won’t make anymore. :rolleyes:

Can you shave it and still do the treatments without negative impact to outcome.

I recommend a wig. They have beautiful ones now, and you can’t even tell the difference.

And I think **Metacom ** was just making a helpful suggestion with the toupee comment. Toupees have become a topic of humor but the best toupees no one knows you’re wearing.

Most non-uniform government offices and workers that I’ve seen, from state to federal, seem to be a free-for-all with dress codes, as long as it’s not obscene. My WAG, but most government offices overcompensate their permissiveness to extreme levels, to avoid any appearance of discrimination.

Also, being a government office, there is undoubtedly a 46-37.13a.12.3zz-AF-1060q form filed somewhere that details the policy.

Overreact much? A toupee/wig is a perfectly good suggestion, and temporary ( :confused: ). If you’d already thought about it and dismissed the idea, you should have said so in your OP. Lay off Metacom and take his suggestion for what it was.

I think a bandana or ‘do-rag’ would do well, personally. I also suggest you check with HR.

hmm…a do-rag sounds like a good idea for a warehouse or other physical job, but for public speaking?

elmwood is of the male persuasion, IIRC.

As for shaving - would it be possible to not shave COMPLETELY bald, but leave enough length (1/4"?) so you can still identify growth?

I recently met a dude who had recently gotten out of cancer treatment. I didn’t know this when I met him. His hair was shaved but you could still “see it”. He had traditional “I am about to go bald anyway” hairlines so I figured that’s why he shaved. He looked just fine.

Also…is your hair long enough so that you could get a cut that would “flatter” your lost patches? Such as a “skater cut” that left the top long and let you shave the underside? Kind of outdated I know, but it might be a solution.

Good luck with your treatment!

Nice hat - fedora or somesuch for public occasions?

One of the project managers I worked with in the past is a cancer survivor, and she wore nice knit skullcaps when she was in her bald phase. But given that you work in a government office, that might not be the best idea depending on what your exact job description is.

There’s lots of different styles here. I prefer the skullcap style, but a porkpie might be more professional looking.