Worl War 1 espionage agent/Tiger Eyes

In the First World War , Imperial Germany conquered Belgium & ruled it with an iron fist. It set up a counter-intelligence agent training school in Antwep, headed up by a female agent code named “Tiger Eyes” & nicknamed “The terrible Blond Of Antwerp”. Sounds corny, but her rumored use of torture & her alleged willingness to kill incompetant recruits definitely isnt.
Just before WW2 , a spurious “autobiography” of this woman was allegedly published in Germany.

This is a general request for data from the Teeming Millions & hopefully Cecil too {grovel, grovel}. Somebody out there must be a WW1 history buff, or a former citizen of Belgium.
A bit of bio on this female-person-not-lady , please?

I haven’t heard this story. It may well be true, but any stories involving Germany’s occupation of Belgium during WWI should be taken with a grain of salt if not accompanied with some substancial collaboration.

The Allies’ propaganda machine went into overdrive when it came to supposed German atrocities in Belgium. The most famous example is stories of German soldiers chopping the hands off of Belgian children.

This doesn’t forgive Germany of any actual cruelity it’s army may have prepetrated after invading a neutral country, but it should be remembered that those atrocities were blown way out of proportion by the British and American press.