World Cup final (possible spoilers)

Just starting.

First I have to say that the musical preshow with Shakira came as close to a Wardrobe malfunction as it was possible :wink:

May the best team win!

Henry is hurt in less than a minute, hit to the chest?

(Italy) Zambrotta gets a yellow card when France was going out.

Wow…I’m rooting for France, but that was a pretty obvious dive

I’m cheering for France, but man, that was a dive for the penalty.

Penalty kick!

[spoiler]Zidane (France) scores!

Italy 0 - France 1 [/spoiler]

Signol (France) gets the yellow card, but that hit hurt both players, I don’t think it that card was deserved.

I don’t honestly believe that the French player was hurt. He stood for at least 30 seconds before collapsing when he saw that the ref had called him for a foul.

[spoiler]Italy scores!!

1-1 tied game[/spoiler]

Getting injured while fouling somebody doesn’t make it any less of an offence.

Well, true, it is just that still it did not look to me that he was looking to injure the Italian player, he was trying to stop by then and it was then a knee to knee collision.

Placido Domingo was the half time show, but almost nothing was showed on TV.

And now the French are denied a clear penalty. I guess these things even out sometimes.

It was a peno for me.

You very clearly see the contact on the Maloudas ankle which pushes it to his other foot.

Regardless of the Materazzis intention, Maloudar was taken out of the game in the penalty area.

What, the penalty that was called? The French player was hardly touched. He clearly flopped to the ground looking for the penalty.

We must be looking at different matches :slight_smile:

There was clearly contact between the 2 players. People amay not like the way the French player fell but the foul was there.

It takes more than contact for there to be a foul, especially in the area.

We are going to Overtime!

Zidane gets the red card.

Wow…that was absurdly stupid