World Cup Predictions Thread

Group Winners:
A - Germany, Poland
B - Sweden, England
C - Argentina, Ivory Coast
D - Portugal, Iran
E - Czech Republic, Italy
F - Brazil - Croatia
G - France, South Korea
H - Spain, Ukraine
Second Round:
England defeats Germany
Argentian defeats Iran
Czech Republic defeats Croatia
France defeats Ukraine
Sweden defeats Poland
Ivory Coast defeats Portugal
Brazil defeats Italy (game of the tournament)
Spain defeats South Korea

England defeats Argentina
Czech Republic defeats France
Sweden defeats Ivory Coast
Brazil defeats Ivory Coast

England defeats Czech Republic
Brazil defeats Sweden

Brazil defeats England

Player of the tournamet: Wayne Rooney

USA: Lose to CR, tie with Italy and defeat Ghana. BUT CR amd Italy conspire :wink: to tie their last game after both beating Ghana to put the USA in the third spot.

Of the 9 World Cup Finals held in Europe, the only South American winners have been Brazil in Sweden (1958).

On the slim chance that England can beat Germany in the second round, they will find a way to lose to Argentina. Sorry Gangster Octopus, but we (?) have no chance.

Well, I am not English, so YOU have no chance. :smiley:

I admit I am going oout on a limb with England (not so much with Brazil), but I think they can beat the two teams you have mentioned. I suppose I could have made it Brazi-Germany and hedged my bets ( I think they have 14 World Cup finals between them).

Group A: Poland, Germany
Group B: England, Sweden
Group C: Netherlands, Argentina
Group D: Portugal, Mexico
Group E: Czech, Italy
Group F: Brazil, Australia
Group G: Switzerland, South Korea
Group H: Ukraine, Spain

Second Round:
Sweden over Poland
Germany over England
Netherlands over Mexico
Argentina over Portugal
Czech over Austrailia
Brazil over Italy
Switzerland over Spain
Ukraine over South Korea

Netherlands over Sweden
Germany over Argentina
Czech over Switzerland
Brazil over Ukraine

Netherlands over Germany
Brazil over Czech

Netherlands over Brazil (3-2)

Player of the Tournament: Ruud Van Nistelrooy

What can I say, I love their orange jerseys.

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

As regards England’s journey through the tournament, it’s easy to predict because it’s the same every single time:

  • a dull, lacklustre performance against inferior opposition whom we should have thrashed comfortably, prompting wave of disgruntled tabloid headlines calling for the manager’s head on a spike

  • heroic, majestic performance, full of grandeur and goals, leading to inflated expectations of soaring victory all the way to the final. Flurry of ‘We Can Do It!’ headlines.

  • a scrappy, uneven, occasionally dire performance, involving blatant diving to win penalty chances (most of which a ‘star’ player will miss by a mile), which is nonetheless just enough for us to to scrape through to the next round.

Quarter finals: either the slimmest of slim victories (involving diving, penalties, flukes, amazingly bad ref decisions in our favour, star opposition kicked off the pitch early on etc.) or an ‘heroic’ defeat, often down to a penalty shoot-out which we always lose.

Semis: if we make it this far, we then exercise our God-given right to lose to quality opposition, often looking brave and hearty but also tired, disorganised, uninspired and out-classed all the way. Flight home, ‘Our Brave Boys Return’ headlines, then forget about it all until the next international competition.

Nicely put! Perhaps we can meet during the contest to mock England supporters’ jingoistic fantasies, then run away.

The Dutch Diver player of the tournament? Just how many of teammates
penalty kicks do you expect him to score on? :slight_smile:

This is from a thread I started back in mid December of last year. I’ll revisit this a bit later and see if I’ve changed my mind on any of this, given current information, injuries, etc.

Ivory Coast takes the cup.

Bono’s head explodes.

What? A guy can dream…

Well all of them of course!

I just thought the Netherlands played very well in qualifying (beat the czech’s twice and never lost in quailfying). So…if they were to win, Ruud’s gotta score - a lot - so why not make him the player of the tournament?

The problem with this “conspiracy theory” is that it puts the Czechs on six points but the Italians on only four going in… which means that they’re “conspiring” to get Brazil in the next round (most likely). I’d take my chances trying to win and get Croatia, Australia or Japan.

Prediction: soccer will be played, the American public will pay attention for .0008 seconds and then go back to watching baseball.

I have no idea who’s going to win. Probably one of the European teams.

I think Mexico and Italy will be the big disappointments.

Germany failed to schedule any of Mexico’s games to be played in Mexico City so that hurts them right there and their star player isn’t with the team. They play in a really easy group, but that will only get them so far.

Italy wasn’t much in qualifying and the massive scandal going on there can’t help.

Sounds nuts 'til you remember that France, Portugal and Argentina all went down in flames last time. Somebody has to be the big upset losers.

Oh, and Trinidad will lose all their games.

:smiley: I hope you’re right about Italy.

England are a fine side on paper, but without Wayne Rooney—and they will be essentially without Wayne Rooney, even if he does sport a kit—they simply lack firepower: Crouch has yet to show he can play quality football for an entire game (70 minutes at best), Owen is still less than 100%, and Walcott is still learning to drink from a sippy-cup. The result may be that Gerrard is moved up to striker and Carragher is moved up to midfield. In any case, disorganization and disappointment will follow.


I’m alarmed as an England supporter that I have not heard anybody, not a pundit or player or other fan, mention the possibility of England going out in the group stage. OK, on paper it seems unlikely, but Fate must be sorely tempted by our confidence. I predict that Paraguay will turn out to be trickier than expected.

And by the way (and I hope this doesn’t tempt fate either) references to the possibility of English fans causing trouble are a bit behind the times. A combination of better handling by the police and authorities and a demographic shift among the England fan base seems to have removed the air of menace that some elements of the English crowd use to give off. There was no trouble at all from England fans at the last two tournaments. They are now seen more as a cricket-style “barmy army” than potential troublemakers.

I think the Germans are far more worried about the Eastern European fans. Those poorer countries are the new home of football hooliganism, racist chants etc.

My prediction is that like every other year since 1966, the England team will bottle it in the changing rooms and loose against the first South American team they meet.

There’s nothing more sad and pathetic than seeing England come onto the pitch knowing they will lose. I’ve seen it last year, England just looked like they were giving too much respect to (IIRC) Brazil with predictable results :rolleyes: