World Cup Qualifying - US vs Antigua

Streaming the US vs Antigua game right now on ESPN3 (once again - why bother with cable?)

What the hell is up with our (by our I mean America) Where’s Waldo uniforms?

The kit does take some getting used to.
Lot’s of scoring opportunities with little to show for it this half.

Agreed - we should be looking a lot better right now. I feel like we are playing a friendly, not a qualifier.

Don’t forget that this is the 3 friendlies that they played last week dinged them up a bit. I like the play of Torres and Gomez; Fabian Johnson has been a wonderful addition, hope to see him return soon.

Well, they won, so that’s one good thing you can say about this performance. I’ll give them somewhat of a pass due to it being played in a downpour. It could easily have been 6-1. Actually, 6-0 except for a brutal miscalculation by Oguchi Onyewu. I really don’t think he belongs on the National Team. Neither do the announcers.

I love this kit. It’s relatively distinctive and very American. I hope we adopt that as a permanent look.

Too bad we played like crap. Hopefully that can be explained by overtraining.

Tim Howard needs a blue kit with stars. Just to fix this.

Seriously. That would be perfect.

I’ll just chime in to say I love the kit too. And saw at least two young kids wearing it at the last baseball game I went to. Howard being the star field would be all kinds of awesome.