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What was the first country to allow all its citizens (of age) to vote in elections?

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i would guess technically, none, as even those “of age” can be disqualified for various reasons (eg in prision, insane, felon etc)

however the factual and non pedantic answer you seek is not in my realm of knowledge.

That should be Finland. 1906 also women got active and passive right to vote in elections.

I believe you are talking about equal suffrage and not democracy.

Um, it is my understanding that several Native American nations practiced equal suffrage more than 100 years before Finland.

New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote, in 1893. Norway was the first fully independent state to do so, in 1916. (Australia and Finland gained universal suffrage in 1902 and 1906, respectively.) For what it’s worth, Utah Territory and the state of Wyoming allowed women to vote before New Zealand did.

New Zealand had a universal suffrage, without distinction of sex or race, or any property qualification, from 1893 and so, I think, meets the criteria set down in the OP. However women could not stand as canditates until, I think, 1919.

South Australia allowed women both to vote and to stand for election from 1894. It should be noted, however, that aboriginal women (and men) did not have the right to vote in Australia until 1967, so the criteria of the OP are not met.

What was the first country to abolish all discrimitipn based on sex, race or property ownership as regards both voting and candidature?