World/National or Local TV News

Which interests you more ?

I’m addicted to CNN, The CBC and CTV national news and US network news. I just don’t get FOX. I don’t have much interest in local news unless it becomes worthy to by covered by the Canadian networks.

My wife is completely uninterested but religiously watches Vancouver and Victoria local news.

Poll coming

I prefer national/world news, but I like to know the local weather, what’s going on in the area, the results of local elections and such so I usually watch the 10PM local news as well as world news.

With the exception of turning on NECN once or twice a year, I watch the local news exclusively. I’m far more interested in what’s going on locally in a few sentences than internationally - most international news of interest is better suited (IMHO) to print where it’s possible to cover it in greater depth.

I hardly ever watch the news (I prefer to read the newspaper), but I might make an exception if I thought a person or place I knew, or a story or event I was involved with, was going to be on, which would be more likely with local news.

I like a bit of both. There are enough stories out there to keep you busy 24/7, so just the highlights please.

And I don’t need to hear about the same missing person or newest celebrity antics every day either.

Local news programs include the big national/world items, but not the other way 'round. Local news programs also have a lot less sports, and when they do have a sports segment it’s very short and they specifically dedicate it to local items. If someone wants to know whether the current soccer superstar picked his nose this morning, there are a gazillion other sources which will not only inform them of that but of the booger’s color and what it says about the state of the star’s health.

National news have been known to dedicate 3/4 of their program to a single upcoming soccer match - even Littlebro the soccer-stats-man was saturated!

Here in Japan, I catch world news on BBC World and CNN International or online websites. For local/national news, I watch the Japanese networks.

I don’t like to watch TV news. I prefer to read stories on the web. I used to read the paper daily but there was so much stuff I didn’t care for (sports mostly) that it seemed silly to get the whole paper.

I don’t care for our local news in Chicago as it’s too much with the “Feel good” cute stories and there’s rarely in-depth coverage of any one story. I generally watch the first few minutes of the national news.

When I was younger I loved CNN but that was the early 80s when CNN was cool :slight_smile: