World of Warcraft: Legion general discussion thread 19 July 2016

We had to have 6 stacks of Determination to kill Archimond today. It was LFR but at this point I’ve not had more than 3 stacks of D needed for months and months. I felt like I could do no dps whatsoever.

PvP was terrible. I cannot hit anyone since my nuke has a 2.02 sec cast time and I cannot run away any more because they changed Blink and took away Blazing Speed. They also took away my Ice Shield that froze the first 3 people who hit me. :mad:

For some reason they gave me a spell that blinks me back to where I just blinked from; I have no idea why this would ever be a good idea.

Thanks Blizz.

Are you talking about Aimed Shot? If so, the consensus seems to be that you’re better off just spamming Arcane Shot.

If you had read the rest of his post, you could see he is playing a mage.

It was Gnoitall who was talking about their MM Hunter, not Snowboarder Bo, that’s all.

Well, since you’re askin’ :wink:

My target dummy dps dropped about 25% at least. Largely because I have no feel for the rotation, and also without addon support it’s hard to tell with my UI when stuff is optimal. Stuff like counting charges of Sidewinders.

The new rotation seems fidgety and, somehow, more complex for having been streamlined. Fewer abilities, but a couple of new ones I still haven’t gotten a good feel for, and contingencies and situational stuff I never had to think of before.

I suppose I’ll get this figured out, but at this point it’s still unnatural and clunky. I didn’t try anything substantial, just because I’m so terrible at this moment. I’ll venture out once some addons I am addicted to work (or a viable replacement comes along).

ETA: By and large, my feel is that Blizz changed all this up not to fix an actual problem or to improve anything, but to have a chance to showcase their cleverness and creativity. Not about the users, but about showing off. OTOH, some of this stuff may make more sense at new max level. I noticed that with WoD.

Correct, there are still cosmetic glyphs, still called glyphs, they just don’t have a dedicated ui anymore, but are applied directly to the spells in your spellbook like you said.

Ah, okay; thanks for setting the record straight, Mogle.

I got in long enough to see I have to respec my mage before the server crashed. How do secondary specs work now? Can I switch freely between frost, fire, and arcane?

Any standard builds for each spec available yet?

Is there any point to Inscription anymore? I have an alt with herbalism/inscription trades. Probably need to switch to something else…maybe alchemy?

The stat weighting is also significantly different for many specs. All my gear choices are suboptimal now, and I’m not going to gear up again.

I got an answer to my ticket about all my alternate polymorphs being gone and they confirmed that they are and should not be but they don’t know why it happened so they can’t restore them yet.

Hopefully I’ll hear about my gamma settings problem soon.

I also let them know that one of my two “do not queue” BGs keeps getting unchecked (Alterac Valley).

And I saw notes on the forum from other Mac users experiencing a crash on going from full screen to windowed mode, so that’s not just me.

PvP continues to suck.

Minor question - where the hell have they hidden “auto-loot”?

Also, my main characters have all been screwed up–I don’t know by how much, but stuff that I could kill with one hit pre this patch now take 3 or 4 hits

gnoitall - I raided at a pretty high level throughout WoD (world top 50ish), wrote the more-or-less definitive guide for my spec, and had very early Alpha access to Legion. All the communication I’ve done with devs suggests that your opinion of them - i.e showoffs who are more interested in novelty for the sake of novelty than anything else - is accurate. Celestalon in particular is an odious, blustering moron, and a fair few of his colleagues, while well-meaning, are simply incompetent.

The entire Alpha and Beta process made me lose complete faith in the development team, if I’m being perfectly honest, and while many of my issues with the developers have more to do with how they’ve chosen to treat the “hardcore” scene, it is wholly disconcerting to know that they make glaring, basic, mathematical errors and stonewall the people who provide them with data from the very earliest stages of Alpha on the regular. They have grown haughty, and though it pains me to say it, I’m genuinely worried that they’re on track to run the game into the ground in the long term.

I found it by accident in the options - I think it was the Interface menu. Either way, you can also auto-loot by shift-clicking on the container.

Totally hear you. With 6.2.3 and 6.2.4, Marksman hunter favored crit. Now it favors Mastery. Yaaay. A lot of my stuff is “Peerless” (crit+mastery), but some is “Decimator” (pure crit) and therefore wrong. Sigh.

I see on today’s patch notes that they dropped mob health somewhat.

I recall this may have done this to MoP just before WoD, to make it a little easier for laggards to get caught up on achieves or legendaries, but I have to believe some of it is in recognition that everyone’s performance is going to come down some because of choices made in 6.2.x that are wrong now (plus not being comfortable with rotations and such).

MoP was indeed nerfed into the ground roughly a week before WoD - encounters which normally took 3-4 minutes in BiS gear could be completed in less than 45 seconds.

It was certainly interesting to log in to each character and find two of them with blank action bars, all their spells had changed so much.

I retalented everyone with passive talents because I don’t know what anything does anymore.

So previously, mages had a spell to conjure food for themselves and a spell to conjure a table to provide food for everyone.

Now the game uses whichever spell is appropriate depending on whether or not you are in a group. You have no control over this any more.

The thing is, the food items that were conjured back in the day were different. I only keep the “table” food (mana biscuits) in my hotbar. This wasn’t a problem because even if I was alone I could just make a table and take a stack from it.

Now, I cannot do this.

I can only conjure Mana Pudding when I am alone, but I don’t want to keep mana pudding on my hotter since if I’m in a group or raid I’ll be making a table, which would produce Mana Biscuits which would mean that I’d then have to reload my that into my hotbar.

For years I’ve thought it was stupid that there be two different level cap conjured foods, and now I think it double.

Also, PvP continues to suck. It sucks ass.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!

“World server is down”

Server was down for only a little while.

I just noticed that I can’t zoom out nearly as far as I’d like and /console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 5 isn’t working. Anyone else notice this and see the new work-around so we can zoom way out?

I logged onto my Monk for a minute today and worked out what I’m pretty sure is the optimal rotation/priority. In theory, Hit Combo forces you to be varied and keeps things interesting. In practice, you have so few moves that it’s basically a curse that forces you to wait for energy generation or cooldowns. It was nothing like it used to be where you were constantly mashing buttons and watching for blackout kick procs, and managing your debuff.

I suppose that it’s possible it’s more engaging if you’ve seriously stacked haste, but I can’t say I was overly impressed with the buttons.

Admittedly, this was versus a training dummy, and dealing with fight mechanics and “oh shit” situations was always more important for a DPS than nailing the rotation, but I can’t say I was horribly impressed. I actually had a second look through my spellbook to make sure I wasn’t missing any abilities!

I might remake my Ele shaman I’m at level 58 with into an Enh Shaman, from the videos I’ve seen, that seems to be closer to what WW Monk used to be. (That or make a Shadow Priest, that class looks silly as hell with Surrender to Madness).