World of Warcraft: Legion general discussion thread 19 July 2016

I know the expansion doesn’t go live for another 5 weeks or so, but since Patch 7.0.3 went live today and it actually implements a ton of changes for Legion, I figured it was good enough reason to start this thread now.

I just read thru the patch notes and I’m not happy about the changes to PvP. I hope that when I play the game it’ll be fine, but right now it seems like we all got Harrison Bergeron’d.

I think the new xmog system sounds good; I hope it is.

As for class changes, there are a lot but at least for my main, an Arcane Mage, they seem mostly cosmetic and helpful (the conjuring food or table distinction, for example). I hope in the end it feels as if things are easier and not like I got bergeron’d.

Mostly tho I can’t wait for new areas to explore and to try out the new Demon Hunter class.

What do y’all think?

As you did with WoD. I find the consistency absurdly comforting. :o

I had to google that. I guess I haven’t read enough Vonnegut.

As I mentioned in my comments on the WoD thread, PvP is only interesting to me from an intellectual perspective. Game design theory, basically. If I get ganked, I don’t usually bother to even fight back, and if I camped, I log out and play an alt. Es machs nichts to me, but I can see how the changes might be concerning to actual PvPers.

Will I be able to clear out my completely-full void storage? Will I be able to force myself to clear out my void storage, even if the new transmog system would let me? :smiley:

I have an arcane mage alt and just about the only thing I could hope for is solo survivability. It sucked at the beginning of WoD to lose the only in-combat self healing available, given the lack of mobility or damage mitigation.

The new areas look interesting. So does the new lore, although I will probably wind up doing a lot of eyerolling at the awkward retcons they’ll probably choose to do. (Yeah, actually, lore matters to me. I’ve been gaming in this franchise since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and I like my stories to be internally consistent.) And demon hunters have no great attraction for me.

I just hope they haven’t broken MM hunter too badly.

Okay, the game has crashed on me twice now.

First crash: I got in the game, moved a bit and it crashed.

Second crash: trying to reset settings to defaults and it crashed. I had been messing with the video settings, trying to correct the gamma (the game is too friggin dark; I can’t see anything) settings. Turns out that, for me at least, the gamma settings bar does nothing, nor does checking the “use desktop settings” box. Applying these changes did not change anything. Anyway, somehow my frame rate got all choppy so I decided to reset and start over, but the game crashed when I hit the “yes, really” button.

I did manage to see that all of my Polymorph variants except Pig were taken from me; I no longer have Monkey or Rabbit or any of the other ones that I paid and/or worked for. I submitted a ticket hoping that this is a simple error and they can be restored, but I’m not holding outmatch hope since Blizzard seems to have the attitude “fuck them; they’re lucky we let them play our game” lately.

So now I’ll go start the game for the third time since the patch and hope it doesn’t crash again.

Checking the talent tree, it turns out they’ve completely changed the talents available.

Everything I had perfected over the last 2 years is gone and/or worthless.

This isn’t a good start to this xpac for me.

3rd crash was sitting in Orgrimmar looking at my talent tree.

4th crash was reducing to windowed mode from full screen.

:confused: And this is out of Beta? WTF?

I suppose I’m shocked but not surprised. Blizzard software development, after all.

Constant crashes sound very strange, I’ve spent a fair bit of time on beta/ptr and I can’t recall any crashes, lag and disconnects, yes, but no crashes.
Are all your drivers up to date and stuff?

The changes are all rather disorienting. Everything’s kind of glitchy and crashy now, too; hopefully things will be better within a day or two once my addons have all been updated.

My main is a fire mage. The changes to the spec seem promising, it’s going to take me a while to get used to the new rotation. I don’t know if I want to bother making the rounds on my alts if it means re-doing my action bars. I can’t even find comprehensive patch notes for the class changes.

I’m on a Mac; of course my drivers are up to date.

Game has been steady for about 30 minutes now.

I played Warsong Gulch and discovered that PvP is terrible, at least so far.

Blizzard took a lot of things away. For instance: I have no buff. Mage buffs are no longer a thing.

It was weird to see flag carriers with no buffs at all.

They made some things toys so it is cool not having to take up bag space with those items anymore. On the other hand, to use them I now have to dedicate a precious hotbar space or open my toy box all the time, so we took 3 steps forward and 1.75 back, I guess.

The gamma settings thing is driving me crazy (my garrison Town Hall looks like a dank cave) and a quick query in Trade chat showed that it’s not just me having the problem.

ETA: I did update all my add ons but I also then turned them all off. A lot of what is just WoW is crappy, like the floating nameplates which don’t indicate distance at all. An alliance player I had targeted was across WSG from me, but his nameplate was full size showing through a wall(so it looked like he was right around the corner).

I agree that the changes are disorienting. And no, I couldn’t find comprehensive patch notes for each class, not even when I followed the link in the patch notes to each class.

I forgot to mention my biggest disappointment so far: they once again fail to upgrade our one mandatory default bag to the max bag size.

That’s a good point. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall a recent xpac update that caused repeated client crashes. Server issues, sure, bet on it. But the WoW client? Hmm… I think I had one with the WotLK prepatch because of some addons, but that’s all that comes to mind.

Very odd.

Too late to ETA, but I’ll add here.

I just looked over the WoW Tech Support forum.

The legendary wailing and screams of the agonized damned in every imagined iteration of hell? Absolutely nothing compared to the futility and rage pouring through that forum. If anything can go wrong, version 7.0.3 is doing it. Even the patch loader is crashing! And the new version is bringing dream machines to their knees. One post is some guy stealth-bragging about his absolute top-of-the-line machine (ferinstance, dual Nvidia 1080s SLI’d :eek:) getting less than 40 FPS and almost overheating in the process. That’s a machine that should crank over 120 FPS without spinning up the cooling fans.

Yeesh. Maybe I’ll just let Blizz get some stuff figured out before I make any plans.

So far I have found a grand total of one change to the class progression that I don’t hate. My level 20 Guardian Druid can now Track Humanoids in Cat Form, which is nice. Everything else…

My Retribution Paladin lost her +MS talent, but can buy a shittier version at level 90, and her AoE, but can buy it back as a talent.
My Guardian Druid lost her +MS talent (but can buy it back at level 45), all but one of her human-form abilities, and all but one of her cat-form abilities.
My Discipline Priest lost half the instant-cast spells that made her such fun to use as a highly mobile battle-priest.
My Protection Warrior lost both her stances and the associated toolbars so I don’t even know how much she’s lost yet.
My Demonology Warlock lost Drain Life and Metamorphosis and Summon Succubus’s level requirement has been raised.

And they also removed the ability to transmog armour below your maximum armour type. So I can’t even take advantage of the new Appearances library to transmog my Paladin a nice set of “walking around town” clothes.

Game crashed on me again as I switched from full-screen to windowed mode.

I see that we all forgot to mention that they wiped an entire profession in Legion by completely removing glyphs from the game (another shitty decision, IMO).

I can’t even post on the forums about my problems. Every time I try I get the message “This topic is unavailable.” and a link to “Return to the forums.”

I haven’t really played WoW regularly in a long time, and never had a scribe, but were major glyphs really that big of a moneymaker? Maybe when the profession originally launched and you needed a new scroll every time you rewrote it. But now? Most glyphs sold for a pittance (20 gold or so), and each person only needed to buy them once. And since you could only equip 3 you’d only really see more business if the meta significantly changed.

If anything, I’d almost expect them to make MORE money because now every spell has minor glyphs that you can equip simultaneously. Cosmetic, sure, but people pay tons for mounts. It’s true that they lost their guaranteed business, but there’s going to be some demand for a bunch of mostly cosmetic/minor stuff now that it’s not limited to 3 at a time.

No, Jragon, glyphs are gone. Completely gone. No glyphs. Zilch. Nada.

And yeah, for my they were a welcome and necessary part of how I played. For instance, now my Slow spell isn’t applied automatically with Arcane Blast. It used to be, because of a glyph. Now I have to cast Slow, giving a mob or player 2 seconds to move towards me before I can damage it with Arcane Blast. For a ranged dps character wearing a bathrobe in combat, this is problematic.

Oh I suppose you could argue that I could damage it first, but then it’s running at me fun speed instead of 50% speed until I can Slow it and typically that’s a worse option.

So far my impression is that this is the most changes they’ve ever made to the game for an expansion and I’m wondering just who wanted them.

Are you sure? Everything I’m finding online says glyphs are now called “tomes” and are applied directly to spells. I do recall them saying they’re taking away gameplay effects (e.g. applying slows) in favor of purely cosmetic effects, but still.

I’m going to resub soon to see the changes, but I did like 3 dungeons in WoD and I generally play melee DPS (my only caster is an ele shammy I was levelling) so I can’t really speak to how the skills have been shaken up. I’ve heard mostly good things from raiders about how the new combat “feels” in a group setting, though.

Well, got my first crash-to-desktop after about an hour’s worth of just screwing around with inventory and costumes. (Going from character to character disposing of items that became toys or obsolete, and looking at everyone’s shirt slots to fill in that tab of the mog menu.)

Loading a character after switching to that realm. Dunno if that makes a difference, but Blizz has my bug report (probably along with several dozen thousands more). :mad:

ETA: I have no frakking idea how to play my classes now, not even my main, and MM hunter was allegedly one of the least touched. Not to mention I’m officially crippled without addons, which I have had disabled up to now just to see how stable the game is. I will have to turn the damn things back on eventually, and we’ll see how that goes. Assuming I find updates for all of the damn things.

This has not been good marketing for buying the xpac, let me assure you.