While I download this obscenely large WOW patch.....

So…I’m sitting here waiting patiently for the mother of all patches to download and I was wondering what my fellow Dopers are looking forward to…both with this new patch and the new expansion next month. IIRC the hunter pet upgrades will be available today. This has been a huge issue for me,…since my main is a hunter. I love the idea that pets now have talent trees. Gone are the days when I had to charm some crap mob to get my bear the next level of Growl. Now my Stable can be filled with actual pets I can use…and the kicker…two new stable slots. Now I can give Warp Stalkers a try without having to dump an already groomed pet.

Sooo…any one else looking forward to class upgrades? Anything getting nerfed?

According to my comp I’ve got about 2 hours to kill before the download is done…it’s going to be a long day off.

Between my 70 Nelf rogue and 70 Belf Healadin, only the Healadin’s going to 80.

I’m looking forward to the revisions to the Seal spells, and in general the shift toward healadins being melee-oriented healers. (The lvl 80 PVP gear had +spell power and +(melee) critical strike rating.) I think it’ll be badass.

I’m also eager to see the Achievements, and am glad they’re making titles available through achievements.

I’ll also have my eye on the auction house. When everyone starts going crazy over the new trade goods and patterns, the prices of older patterns and goods should drop and I’ll try to snatch up some recipes I’ve been wanting. I also anticipate the price of herbs to go up, as Inscription has an ability called Milling that works like Jewelcrafting’s Prospecting. I should be able to make decent coin off my stockpiles of herbs.

I just read thru the patch notes, and I can’t wait to play!

I’ve been playing my mage as Deep Arcane spec, and it looks like they just made Arcane spec even better.

It will be great to have more than just a couple of pets with my hunter, and I think the pet talent tree is a great idea.

And now my feral druid can use clickies and stuff! How could it get any better?

Oh yeah! New places to go, new mobs to kill, new arenas, and a whole new expansion in just a few weeks. That’s how it can get better! WOOT!

I’m looking forward to respeccing all my characters and seeing how the new talent trees work; several of them I was spending points on talents that I didn’t really have a need for, but had to put them somewhere… with 10 more points in each tree, it’ll be interesting to see.

Plus, my alliance Hunter can go to belftown to tame a dragonhawk and it’ll be level 65, rather than have to train it up from 7, or go get my face burned off by a level 70 dragonhawk.

I’m looking forward to inscription and have a stockpile of herbs, but not as crazy as some of my guildmates. One’s planning on burning through to max skill tonight.

I’ve been told that my ret paladin will be much more fun to play following this patch.

Raid Totems.

Aside from that, I haven’t read up on much; in previous patches, so much stuff changed so quickly that it didn’t seem worth it to memorizing everything ahead of time. We shall see…

I have trouble keeping focus in WoW and tend to start lots of new characters. As a result, I’m usually bored within a few weeks and cancel my account.

However, my brother visited me this past weekend and told me about the hunter changes coming and I got interested enough to reactivate the account and start a blood elf hunter. I’ve always played Alliance before so a Horde character should be a fun change.

Now, if I can just finish Lost Odyssey and give WoW my full attention.

Oh, crap. I was hoping to play tonight. There’s a lost cause now…

Barber Shop! Oh my!

Now the only question is whether to resurrect my Warrior or my Hunter. I can’t remember how to play either of 'em…

Yeah, the Barber Shop should be fun.

I recommend you play your warrior. There is always a need for tanks, so you will be able to find groups easier.

I’ve been checking in on the realm status page…looks like playing won’t be an option any time soon.

So…looks like there will be barbershops…to change toon appearance. perhaps a silly vanity…but I’m excited.

I haven’t seen specifics on new talent trees for characters…but I’m sure it won’t matter much to me…I’m MM spec…not likely to change even with the new Beast Mastery thing that allows you to charm exotics.

The new profession looks interesting…since I have herbalism.

I wonder if fishing will become further developed with the new expansion. Fishing has been good to me in the past…it got a resurgance with the introduction of Outlands fishing spots. But I was always kind of annoyed that you couldn’t snare trunks like you can in STV…I made so much loot on bolts of cloth and leather.

Any truth to the rumors that honor points will be erased?

No honor reset in Wrath.

There are things to fish for in the city in WoTLK.

In Zangarmarsh, you can fish up boxes and supply crates (you get mostly engineering gear, if I recall correctly).

The servers should be up in the next hour or so.

I just started playing last month. A few changes to rogues that I’m clueless about, and some I like (I don’t have to carry reagents for vanish, poisons will be bought rather than made, and I no longer have to carry tools for lockpicking), and some I don’t like but can’t get too worked up about (kick no longer does damage in addition to interrupting casting). My nephew is complaining loudly about warriors being nerfed, though.

Meh, I’m not anywhere near the endgame so I don’t really have any complaints. I don’t even have BC yet.

i found this

I’m very happy that they reconsidered this decision. I have multiple toons with over 50k honor each… and they don’t need to buy anything that is for sale atm. That’s why I bother to earn honor, is to buy new stuff that I can use, eh.

gg Blizzard!

On edit: 906MB of 1.2GB and counting!

They may be, but I still have a half-hour before I can get out of work and go home to start this download. God only knows how long it’s going to take…my computer doesn’t like the Blizzard P2P torrent mechanism all that much.

I have to go out for a while tonight, so my plan is to start the download before I leave and maybe it’ll be done when I get back.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Vanity pets and mounts not taking up bag space
  • levelling up my tailoring to make a flying carpet
  • my low-level hunter making a killing on herbs in the AH. Stacks of low-level herbs are already selling for 4-5 gold on our server

just created a toon on a random server that is up to see what’s new in IF.

Found the barber shop. It’s across from the inn at the commons. not a whole lot of options but a few interesting cuts and facial hair,

Even with my high-speed DSL connection, the server load is so intense it’s telling me 4+ hours to download the 1.2GB (!) patch.

The quest sharing improvements are great, as are the PVP timer and the aggro warning.

Auto-loot mail will be really cool when sending piles of stuff from one toon to another or after a big session on the AH.
There’s some awesome new stuff in the frost mage talent tree (I love the improved water elemental), but I just may go frost/arcane.

Yay! Conjured mana gems don’t go away when you log out.

The new Invisibility will make it much quicker & easier to shed aggro. Still isn’t feign death, but I’ll take it.

The bottom of the shadow priest tree is cool, too (dispersion FTW)!

Mind Flay can crit!

I hope the price of imbued netherweave doesn’t crash, because I have about ten stacks of it.

I have a tough choice to make on my main—a 70 mage. I’ve always been a PoM Pyro mage. I really like the huge crits that combo can produce, and since hitting 70 I’ve been mostly a PVP kinda guy.

Now, I have to respec, and I’m not sure which way to go. I could stay pretty close to what I’ve got now…41/20/0, as a sorta hybrid pve/battleground spec, but doing that would pass on the new high end talents in the arcane tree.

OR, I could go deep arcane, including the 51 point Arcane Barrage talent, but to do that I will lose my beloved Pyroblast :frowning: (Well, at least until I ding 71, when I’d have enough points to get it back…hmmmm)

A third option is to go with a semi-traditional deep frost pvp build. Never done that before…kinda like some of the things I’ve read about the new and improved Water Elemental.

And then there’s deep fire…supposed to be the best dps build for raiding…but I don’t do much raiding on this toon.

Once I decide what to do with the mage, there’s still a 49 lock, and umpteen lower alts to deal with as well. My Doperguild Druid will be easy…he’s only got about 8 talent points to spend anyway.

3 hours! God…what happened to the background downloader? Why do I have to download a bolus of data this big all at once?

My background downloader got all the pre-patches, so hopefully it won’t be too long to get into the game. But then I have start patching up all my mods. That will be a huge pain.

My main is an Enhancement Shaman. The mechanics are changed significantly–our main attributes will now be Agility and Intellect instead of Strength. Spell and melee hit/crit are now merged. Totems have been changed a lot; they’re now raid-wide buffs, but still just as vulnerable in PvP. The talent tree is still in flux. It’s been changing every week. I wonder what version actually got pushed out.

I’m really looking forward to the Achievement system. It’s similar to City of Heroes’ badge system. It’s mostly a cute way to explorers/achievers something to do in their spare time. The barbershop is nice, but since I’m happy with my appearance, I don’t care much.

Stormwind’s port is pretty bad ass