A geekish WoW variaent on Post your photo.

I was reading the Advice for someone new to World of Warcraft thread and had a fantastic idea. Show us your Main.

If you go here you can look yourself up (be honest, you already knew that).

This is me - Skyspanner, level 64 Draenei Mage (Frost)
How about you?

Actually, I didn’t know about that at all, but then I only started playing a few weeks ago. So bearing that in mind, take it easy on me.

Ugh, I’m still wearing stuff I got in RFC. Time to upgrade!

Here be Timsy.

My main alt (?) on that server is Aleatoric.

I quit WoW a few months ago, but why not? Perhaps it will make my poor, abandoned toons feel loved again.

Here’s Ian, my Belfadin raid healer, and Mecenas, my Trollish cash-grinding/PvPing/general-screwin’-around mage.

I do sorta miss 'em sometimes…


Started her just 2 months ago as my first char in WoW. Our guild is missing some high level paladins and a couple of us are going to fill in that gap pretty soon.

Omencaller. Reached level 70 about a month ago, and recently earned my PvP weapons. Still have 4 greens out of 17 gear pieces. I have Exalted reputation with all the Horde cities because I didn’t skip any quests in Azeroth (went to Outland at level 62). But my other rep scores are fairly bad. I almost have my trade skills maxed out.

I’m definitely looking forward to the expansion.

Here’s mine.

I’m pretty proud of him–he’s in one of the top raiding guilds on our server (which is an RP server and fairly backward compared to most of the other servers, but we’re not doing badly all things considered). I’m in the beta and have been having a lot of fun playing with the new mage talents and leveling him to 80. Looking forward to doing it for real in November.

This is me. Lvl 70 Belf healadin.

I’m pretty happy with my gear, considering I was Ret spec until I hit 70 about a month ago and had abstained from battlegrounds. I need about 100k more honor to get everything I want, but I should have it before the expansion comes out.

Graken, my “main”, in the sense that he’s the character I’ve developed the most. Even then, I don’t raid (I’ve been in Karazhan once, for one fight only, thus the Earthsoul Leggings), and haven’t been in an instance since getting Swift Flight Form, a week after the questline was released. So he’s pretty much just wearing a combination of crafted / PVP / rep gear. In preparation for the expansion, he’s accumulated ~50 non-combat pets, and about 14 tabards. He started out as feral/restoration hybrid, went full restoration for a while, and is now balance/restoration.

My main main, in that he was the first character I created, is Igrik. Pretty lousy gear, overall, but he has never stepped foot in an instance (even low-level!) to my recollection, and hasn’t PVPed since he was in his 40s (aside from some arena games back in seasons 1 & 2). I really haven’t done much with him until recently, when I started doing Shattered Sun, Ogri’la and Skyguard daily quests with him.

My Secondary main (with Graken as my functional main) is Bearhoof, another druid. I decided to make him full feral, since Graken always had some restoration talents. He was primarily built to be a tank, though he hasn’t done much with it; I just haven’t bothered with any instance runs in several months.

Both druids have Swift Flight Form, and Igrik has an epic flier. So I’ve done pretty well gathering money, even though I’m not a raider / instance runner.

Here’s my main. I was a pretty casual player, so no cool raid loot. And I’ve been inactive for a bit now. I might pick it up again when WOTLK comes out.

Bryaxis. Latest accomplishment is killing Leothoras the Blind. I was hoping to get the gloves token off him and spec arcane before they totally change it in the patch, but it doesn’t look too likely at this point. Dang.

My druid, Bohemoth. Fun tank, and amazing in PvP. Druids rock!

My mage, Bomage, who I play most of the time now. What can I say, I was born to be a mage. :smiley:

My hunter, Bosnoarder. Great fun for soloing, and excellent in groups that need CC/DPS. Silencing Shot means I can even pull casters.

I have others toons on other servers, and another 4 alts on Bronzebeard that I play regularly, but these are the “main” 70s.

I also have the name Deathmachine reserved for WotLK. I can’t wait to play a [del]Shadow[/del]Death Knight!

I was hoping this was going to be a thread of screenshots, so we could actually see what everyone looks like in their gear. That would be cool (although I don’t have a recent screenshot to share). My level 4 bank alt wears a tuxedo and a monocle :slight_smile:

Here are mine, all from the SDMB guild on Cairne:

Kene, my main (70 Forsaken Holy Priest)
Joreb, 20 Troll Hunter
Rillian, 19 Belf Paladin

I also hadn’t seen the armory before, but I’ve only been playing for six months or so. I’m very casual, the wife and three young kids thing seriously gets in the way of my playtime … :wink:

My main is http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Skywall&n=Miereyn I’m hoping to get her to 70 before the expansion, but not holding my breath either.


My main, Hes only been to Kara a couple times. Work rarely allows me to play as much as I want to

Here’s me, 70 warrior named Boomer on Blackhand server.

I’ve got a couple other 70s as well. I’ve put way too much time into this game.

I’ve run Kara for about a month and a half with my guild, once a week.

70 Holy Priest Aliaga


Here’s me:

Myramadon, my gnome fire mage and first WoW character (my first MMO character of any sort), and
Lilaea, Draenei enhance spec shaman; lots of fun to play, both on Khaz Modan.