World Of Warcraft Account Names/Servers

I just started a character on Draenor. Level 13 Dwarf Hunter named Tyrchon.

I know that there was a thread for this about 3 months ago, but that’s hardly current. :slight_smile:


LOL, I know.

Aruvqan, Bestrafung, Eisfalk, Falk, Geamhreadh, Kuscheliger, Margali, Sonnenschein
all alliance. I do have 3 horde charactrs and an auctionhouse/banking mule named herbmule.

mrAru is also on elune, his name is elmurfudd. he plays a dwarf hunter that looks just like elmer fudd=)

I’m Freeringtone on Thunderhorn. She’s a level 18 Elvish Druid. I’ve also have a human warrior, level 9, on Thunderhorn but she’s nowhere near as fun.

All on Frostwolf:

Goldie - 42 human Priest
Macros - 41 human Mage
Pipsqueak - 13 gnome Warlock

(What can I say, I like cloth wearers) :wink:

I have a horde character somewhere too that I started when Frostwolf was having issues, but he’s only lvl 4 or so.

I’ve been wondering and this seems the best thread to ask-- How many gamehours do you think it takes to make level 60?

On Sargeras: lvl 59 priest named Luthera. Word!

Lochdale - Level 48 on Shattered Hand.

Couple of alts, all Horde. Could not abide playing Alliance. Too easy!


Mine are–
Level 40 Gnome mage–Ashirlendy
Level 13 Undead warlock–Horrow (haven’t played her in ages though)
Level 18 Dwarf priest–Brunsissy
Also have several I inherited from my ex-roommate, including a level 60 Night-elf druid

Level 4 Night-elf Rogue–Jayn (started her to join a friend’s guild)

Best guess, around 500. If you’re familiar with everything, know where everything is, and skip those quests that are less worthwhile, less. I can’t remember what the record to level 60 was; two or three weeks after release, maybe.

Sylesand, lvl52 NE hunter
Corilley, lvl8 gnome mage
Faladora, lvl9 NE druid

Euphemira, lvl15 undead priest
Zoriz, lvl12 troll mage
Joanda, lvl8 undead warlock


Mephitia, 19 elf hunter
Skunk, 14 orc warlock (member of Guvment Cheez)
Cornelious, 9 undead priest (member of Guvment Cheez)

I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks now, and I’m hooked. Hardly ever play EQ any more.

Zibani - 35 Troll Hunter Doomhammer.
Graka - 19 Orc Rogue Kel’Thuzad (not me right now, Ardred is leveling her for me so all my friends will be the same level.
Onokoko - 22? Tauren Druid Kel’Thuzad

Aaelr 35 Pally - Lightnings Blade PvP!

On Thunderhorn:
Augerion, 38 Tauren Warrior
Garderog, 12 Orc Hunter

My wife has a couple of characters as well. Btw, we’ve been trying to get a guild together and we’re stuck on our last couple of signatures. If anyone has an unguilded Horde alt who would be willing to sign the paperwork, we’d appreciate it. Send Augerion or Hap (my wife) a tell at some point.

On Hellscream:
Ceallach, 39 NE druid
Durgh, 12 dwarf warrior
Ayiko, 12 human warlock

Want me to log in and make a signature mule? probably wouldnt get any playtime unless elune is down, but would give you the sigs=)

actually, will go ahead and do it today, named aruvqan or landnaga [troll].

That’s very cool of you. I’ll have the big cow on to look for you. :slight_smile:

While I’m posting, I suppose I should answer the OP:

Samhchair (46 Elf Hunter)
Majnan (7 Human Warlock, presuming I didn’t misremember his name – just started him last night, but it’s something like that)

Hap (39 Tauren Shaman)
Nefermaat (14 Tauren Druid)
Laflambo (12 Troll Mage, unless she’s 14 too)

(Memory? What memory? I just go to the login screen and clicky the one I want!)

Made a troll hunter named LandNaga, on my account, and will make another - probably a shammy on mrAru’s account, not sure of the name yet=)

LandNaga is alrealy level 6=) will see if I can get her to 10 today=)

What hours do you normally play?

We normally play in the evening, EST. Liliaren has a bit more free time than I do, so she’s generally on longer. The best times to catch either of us are between 6 pm EST and 11 pm EST.

Lilairen is occasionally on as early as 3 pm, though.

I have 6 characters on Hyjal, all Alliance

Gingy, L35 Mage, who is my primary character

Weirddave L13 Warrior
Jimijam L16 Rogue
Critterbug L11 Priest
Layonmcduff L15 Warlock
Rubberduckie L18 Pally

I play the secondary characters when the folks I play Gingy with aren’t online, I’m bringing them along as a group. When, say, Duckie gets to L20, I’ll stop playing him and play the others until they are L20, then bring them all to 30, etc…This gives me a great deal of flexibility in that if I’m in a group with, say, Layonmcduff, and they really need a healer, I can bring Duckie or Bug in to fill the need. Gingy, Weirddave, Jimi and Bug are all named after the members of my family. I also have 2 other characters on Uther that I never play.

Biggirl, you can type “/played”, and it will tell you how many days/hours/minutes/seconds you’ve played that character. Gingy is just a smidgen shy of L 36 and I’ve played her for about 7 3/4 days total.

And yes, it kills me that I spelled “MacDuff” wrong when I was naming the Warlock.

There are far too many different servers. No one is on mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Neato. I didn’t know that.

Sylesand: 15 days, 3 hours, 55 minutes, 15 seconds (364 hours). So my estimate of 500 hours wasn’t off the mark.