WoW Cute Story

I didn’t wanna mess up the “Questions” thread with this (I may already have anyway with all the dancing and songs and stuff), so I gave this its own title.

Anyway, I was playing Wolkenlaufer, my human warrior, heading to Stone Cairn Lake when I ran up on a group of (I guess) Noobs, and they had kinda gathered in the middle of the road, and were talking to each other (a priest, a warrior , and a couple of other characters), so I stopped and bowed to them.

One of them said “Wow! A 13 is bowing to us! COOL!”

I just laughed and wished them luck and went to stomp me some Murlocs.

Now I got this fishy smell all over me, dammit!

I love this game, y’all! :slight_smile:


That is kinda cute.

I did manage to catch that they were headed to the Jasperlode mines…

But ya know?

It’s just like that night a week ago, when a 30 stopped me and asked what I was doing in that “neck of the woods”? I was looking for a bag of gold dust in some mountainous area I cannot recall now (“Three Corners” sound familiar?).

Anyway, because he stopped me - noticed I was just a 10 - he saved me a lot of grief, and made the game much more enjoyable for me, and helped me avoid a lot of hurt.

I love this game for that reason, even though I consider myself a “Barney Fife” in a sea of “Andy Taylors”!

“We gotta nip it in da bud, Anssch!”

Q :slight_smile:

I am totally lost on this.

I Googled on the game to no success. Where can I get info?

WoW = World of Warcraft. Its an MMROPG.

A full name rather than an abbreviation would make Googling easier, I guess … World of Warcraft.

Sorry, Y’all. I should have spelled it out in the OP.

Thanks, SCSimmons for coming to my rescue!


Thought I’d share my husband’s latest cute story from WoW.

The Lunar Festival is running through mid-February, and as part of it, you have the chance to visit ‘Elders’ all over the game world. This includes Elders who are deep inside the capital cities of the opposite “team” - when you enter one of these, the guards will try to kill you, and players on the opposite team can try to kill you as well.

My husband rode into the city of Stormwind, and had stopped momentarily to check his map, trying to figure out which way to go. When he put the map down, a night elf hunter had stopped right in front of him. He figured the guy wanted to fight, so he dismounted and got ready. The elf equipped a brightly-colored Lunar Festival tunic and beckoned to him. My husband figured that was a good sign, and followed the guy, who led him right to the Elder! Much cheering and thanking followed. :slight_smile:

(I saw an ‘enemy’ warrior riding fast into Orgrimmar, three guards hot on his heels, headed to the Elder. I cheered him on.)

My best WoW experience occurred while my hunter was killing troggs in the caves in Loch Moden. I was a bit high level for the quest and was having a pretty easy time of it. There were three low-level gnomes in the cave killing troggs as well. They were a bit weak to handle them individually, but they were doing okay working as a team.

Anyway, at the back of the cave was the trogg boss that ended the quest chain. He’s the one I was after. But the gnomes managed to get ahead of me and tagged him first. Damn little ninjas! Now I’d have to wait for the respawn! So I sat down to watch the fight.

It wasn’t going well. The boss had a couple of friends and the three troggs were beating the crap out of the gnomes. I watched one go down. Then another. The last gnome made a run to escape, with the troggs hot on his tail.

And then I had a twinge of conscience. Although they had ninja’ed my mob, I couldn’t just sit there and watch them all die. So I quickly launched my pet and started shooting like mad. I finished off all the troggs. The gnome was saved!

He RP’ed the whole rescue, thanking me profusely in character. And when his buddies rezzed they thanked me too and launched into a whole Alphonse & Gaston routine about how they had to repay me and how they would help me kill the troggs to pay me back. We all knew I didn’t need their help, but we played it to the hilt with everyone staying in character. It was just a great little moment of spontaneous RP.

I had a similar thing happen last night, Pochacco. I was bored and my leveling partner wasn’t around, so I went off with my level 52 Paladin to Gomeregan to see the place for the first time, get the dungeon achievement, and farm some silk (My First Aid’s been lagging). On my way through Dun Morogh I passed a level 8 Gnome Warlock standing on top of a rock and fighting off a bunch of wolves. I generally try not to interfere in others’ play, so I made to pass on by, and I got a plaintive “X says: help”

So I turned around, pulled out my newly acquired Polearm Of Death, and one-shotted the wolves. :smiley: Gave him a few buffs and continued on my way. I usually don’t get very far past the newbie stage in MMOs, so it was fun to be able to play the Big Kid role for once.

A priest, a warrior and a couple of other characters go into a bar and …

my “cute” wow story

I was sneaking around on my troll rogue in the big ally town when you first come into burning crusades doing my rogue thing when some ally walks up and stops a bit away from me…so I killed him in the FASE!!!
true story.
(btw FOR THE HORDE!!!)

I don’t have enough time to play WoW. I barely have enough time to get a couple of TF2 skirmishes in each week.

Plus, I haven’t played since the BC release (shortly after).

No. You won’t tempt me back.

I think that is so cool when you high-level players stop and help out someone who is quite clearly overwhelmed!

I have come up on situations where a player may be double or triple-teamed, and if I help, I always step back and let my new friend collect his/her loot.

One does, however, need to be careful not to step in when it isn’t warranted.

Please forgive me, but someone from here actually met me and helped me level up - I don’t remember my Doper friend’s name, but the act of kindness will never be forgotten.

“Something’s happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?”

Something good and did I mention I love this game?:wink:



I see there’s a free 10-day trial, but what is the cost if I buy?

Other than Hold 'em, I’m not a stolid game player.

Owl, mah main Mensch! :smiley:

It’s so good to see you!

World of Warcraft runs 15 dollars a month.

For me and my situation? It’s 15 bucks well-spent, and I have had multiple nice encounters in Azeroth.


Thank you Quasi.

Nice to hear from you again.

Neither do I Bosstone. But I’m kind of determined to make lvl 80 with my orc hunter. I’ve noticed that since I mad lvl 60 with him, my being ganked has dropped a lot. But a few nights ago I was in the plaguelands and saw a horde druid trying to finish up killing some of the undead in the town there. (can’t remember the name of the town). He whispered that an alliance player was killing him and asked for help. So I kind of shadowed him to help out while he finished his quest. The ally put a hunters mark on him, but neither of us could spot the guy, and he never attacked, probably because there were 2 of us. He finished up and rode off, and I prepared to leave when I saw the ally exit a building in order to give chase to the druid, and took care of him. I’m suprised the player didn’t notice that I was still in the area. The druid was happy that he finished this quest unmolested since he said usually no one was around to help him when he ran into trouble.

Theres another orc hunter I teamed with awhile ago, but he didn’t log on for awhile and so when we met ingame again I was about 15 levels higher than he was. Occassionally he’ll ask for my help to finish a quest or watch his back when he’s in contested territory. He had a goal of maxing out first aid so I sent him loads of runecloth when I got it for a drop. He wanted to pay me, but I told him not to. I seemed to be getting tons of runecloth so I auctioned a lot of it anyway.
In city of heroes I’ll sometimes log on with a lvl 50 character and give a few thousand influence to players in the starting areas that have a cool name and good bio. I don’t mind trying to make another player’s life easier.

The best thing anyone did for me in WoW was a lvl 80 player helping me get out of a high level area I got lost in. I was about to hearth out, but this guy helped me travel through to a flight point and gave me a few gold to boot. That was awhile ago when I first started playing but I greatly appreciated it.

(an aside: The coolest thing I saw was a few nights ago when a bunch of allies rushed into orgrimmar to kill thrall. I just watched but it was pretty cool. I got a lot less lag than I expected too, considering how many people were there.

You’re an orc hunter and you just watched your noble leader get slaughtered??? For shame… :slight_smile: