Another World of Warcraft thread

Since the other ones I’ve seen in the past have been consigned to the death of page 3 and beyond, I figured we need another WoW thread. I don’t have anything profound to say here, other than that I’m really enjoying playing. I don’t have enough time in the day to play, work, and still get everything else done, though. It’s a time sink, I tell you.

My wife is playing enough now that I had to get a second copy to make sure that we could both play when we wanted to. Though installing it on my powerbook probably wasn’t the best idea. Now I’m tempted to play it just about all of the time, and I can’t even say I have to wait until I get home.

That’s it. Cool game, great fun. I can’t wait until I actually have a decently mid-level character so I can explore a bit more.

– Teine
Ceallach, 15th lvl NE Druid on Hellscream
Augerion, 10th lvl Tauren Warrior on Thunderhorn
+more to come, I’m sure.

A fine game indeed. :wink: My NE Priest passed level 50 not too long ago - and I may be able to crank up to 51 tonight if can squeeze in an hour or two of playing. :wink:

Yeah. :slight_smile: I finally posted about it because I’ve been having so much fun I just felt a need to talk to somebody about it. Even if all I can do is post randomly to the SDMB, at least somebody will probably respond. And you did, so I feel better.

Dinged 48 and got a Big Bad Vodoo mask from Zul Farrak. Most badass looking helmet in the game, imho. Failed on the Diving Rod part of the it again. 0 for 4. Just cant seem to beat that part of it. Last night I was with the strongest group I’ve ever had too. 60 rogue, 56 Hunter, 48 Pallie, and me. At the last possible second before the final wave, I got Polymorphed. Group quickly died after that. Arrgh, just pisses me off. Gonna try again when I have a couple hours later this week.

We should really get a sticky going so we can post when and on what servers we play. Is there a steady SDMB guild out there yet? And yes the game rocks, well worth the money.

There’s a SDMB guild on Thunderhorn, but I don’t know the list of people in it. I’m sure one of them will post here somewhere along the line.

I am on elune, and have one other person [abbygnome=) AbbySthrnAccent ] currently in my guild until she finds another one that appeals to her=) I also have a SDMB chat channel that I autojoin on logging in=) < /join sdmb >

Hey, Tisiphone, want Jer in the guild also? I can invite you, no problem=) Heck, we could make it the unofficial alliance SDMB guild, it is mostly people I know from EQ and mrAru … so I can pretty much do anything with it I want to, Rankorn wont mind=)

Yes please and thank you!

I’m not sure what being in a guild does yet, but I’d like to find out with people I am at least vaguely acquainted with and like. :slight_smile:

FYI, still having trouble with getting the waterform quest. Submitted a GM ticket yesterday, but got bored waiting for a reply, died about five times trying Murkdeep, and logged off. The new patch has theoretically improved some druid stats, but not enough for me, yet. :frowning: I need to ponder my strategies better, I think.

I have been having a pretty good time hanging around Baradin Bay, though, buffing outgoing parties in between fishing. 'S fun watching people look around for the ‘hidden’ druid. Most of 'em at least wave, some bow, and some buff back. Can’t imagine what good a +5 intellect buff will do to my fishing, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

aruvqan is quite right. Abbygnome is a level 10 gnome rogue on Elune. I quite like her, but I only get to play her if I am home alone, because the kid on who’s computer and game I play is bossy about it. (He says he’s just trying to help me.)

Ester is a level 23 human rogue on Stormreaver (I think). She’s in the guild with my son’s paladin and his friends characters.
My most recent amusing game moment:

On Valentines day, the kid made it clear he wasn’t going to play Monday evening and kept asking me if I was going to play. I was doing dinner and cleaning up the kitchen folding laundry, yanno, things you can’t do with a right click.

Finally it dawned on me he wanted to me get in there for some reason. I didn’t even have to sign on, he’d already done it, all I had to do was click my character. He popped his head in the office and said, “Oh look you have mail.” I said that I saw but I didn’t do anything about it because I was somewhere not near a mailbox. Shortly he popped in again, “Still haven’t checked your mail?” “No”, I replied. Finally I felt the clue by four upside the head and stopped questing and headed for a mailbox. Opened the mail to find a note: “Dear Mom, I didn’t have any money to get you a Valentines day card, but I want you to know I love you. I think it’s cool that you like to play the game. Here’s some money, some for your education fund and some for fun. Love, son.”

Made me smile. Creative solution to the Valentine card dilemma that didn’t involve glue, crayons or markers which at 18 he would find beneath himself. My rogue did need training I didn’t have the silver for, and it was funny because we of course encourage him to manage his money by putting up for an education fund (and a few other things) and not just spending it all on fun.

Great story AbbySthrnAccent. Good lad you’re raising there, and very thoughtful. At the moment, anyways :wink: , after all, he IS still a kid.

I feel your pain over the ‘helpful’ kid thing. I can’t really quest until after 8:30 PST during the week 'cause I have a Peanut Gallery behind me until that point. It’s awfully distracting to hear shouts of “Mom, take a potion!” when I’m mid-battle. And the next kid that says “Mom, you should have done X instead of Y” while I’m running back to my corpse has to wash his own clothes for the rest of the week.

That is a good story, AbbySthrnAccent. I’ve been really pretty happy with the social aspect of this game. I’ve got a number of friends who play, and I’ve also been able to get together with random other players to finish quests and get through some of the hard bits. In one instance I had a higher level player help me finish a quest without even asking. It was pretty cool.

I have run into a few idiots, though, like the 9th lvl rogue who seemed to want to leech off of my 15th lvl druid’s kills. He wasn’t contributing much since I was fighting 15th-18th level monsters. He also seemed to have no ability to communicate. Odd.

I bought a new computer so Ardred and I could play simultaneously. <------Geeks 'R Us

I’m on Doomhammer (Zibani, level 21 Troll Hunter with my tiger, Sparkles). Ardred (Apachuata, Tauren Druid) is approaching 54, if he isn’t there already. My first character (Lotharno, Tauren Hunter) was on his account and I got him up to 24 before getting my new computer and my own account, so I should have a 45th level character, right? :smiley:

I have a level 35 Gnome mage on the Blackhand server, and joined my rommates’ guild (which they have subsequently left :rolleyes: ).

Unfortunately, I’m a little locked out right now–I play on one of my roommate’s accounts (being far too broke to have my own) and he decided I wasn’t going to get any more playtime until I do a few chores, and changed his password. Not that I blame him. Although he isn’t getting much playtime right now either, as my other roommates computer broke down, and they’ve been jockeying for the other desktop (Which I have made worse by bringing my laptop to school with me the last couple days). So, if someone wants to spring to get me a copy of the game, an account (and ideally a second harddrive) so I can piss them off more… :wink:

I also get the ‘you’re doing it wrong!’ thing–both my rommates have played more MMORPGs than me, one of them being an EQ addict before being a WoW addict. Though I usually play before they get up (since I have to use one of their comptuers to play) and don’t hear it that much. It’s quite amusing when they quest together though. “What the hell?” “I know, he’s such a moron.” “He did it again!” “So yell at him.” “I did, he keeps doing it.”

Oh yeah, my guild, Tarnished Dynasty, is super helpful. Need something made? Get it cheap.
Need help on a quest? Someone can help you out. I love 'em, even if they are a bit… overzealous at times.

I love the game but I just don’t have the time to play it :frowning:

I have a level 24 Hunter on the Shattered Hand server. In a fun little guild if any SDMB happens to play on that server and would like to join a guild. I play as Lochdale on WOW as well :slight_smile:

The hubby and I play on Proudmoore and belong to the Angels of the Alliance guild. A super guild; the members are always helpful with quests and information. Check us out sometime.

We play as Anova (lvl 32 Paladin) and Nosferato (lvl 31 warlock).

Ok so so far we have the following doper inhabited servers:
Hellscream - Teine[Ceallach]
Thunderhorn - Teine[Augerion]
Elune - aruvqan[?]; AbbySthrnAccent[Abbygnome]
Doomhammer - FilmGeek[Zibani]
Ardred - FilmGeek[Apachuata]
Blackhand - Jayn_Newell[?]
Shattered Hand - Lochdale[?]
Proudmoore - Taters[Anova]
Draenor - Faldureon[Faldureon]

Lets keep the list going, it would be a blast to play with other dopers

tisiphone on kids “helping”. Exactly. He will even put his hand over mine on the mouse and/or reach over my shoulder and use shortcut keys if I don’t do something the way he would or fast enough. To be fair, he does try to be helpful, he’s not really trying to be a jerk. I never played a game like this before so I come to it with no prior experience or gaming cultural references. I really do react slower than he does to the chat, to the characters in the game and to the beasts that attack. I do get confused when fighting or running or whatever on how to reply to whom and he has been very good about repeating, “enter /p enter then enter your message” or “/g” or “click on the name” to whisper or whatever. Right now he’s trying to get me to remember how to use shift somethingorother to advertise what quests I need a group to complete. Lots of time I will stop what I am doing to reply to someone and get myself killed. This irritates him endlessly. “Just ignore them mom and answer later.” Me: “I can’t they’ll think I’m being rude.” Him: “So?” I still can’t remember how to see my friends list or the guild list and he’s told me enough times I’m embarrassed to ask again. As a guild, they are a small group and most of them are aquainted in real life. They are very helpful with each other in the guild as they are all about the same level. Me, not so much. They are polite and all but I am a good five or so levels under the lowest level of them and they don’t seem to want to help with those elite quests. Additionally, as I’m the Mom, I’m usually just getting started to play when their moms are telling them to get off the computer and go to bed. (heh) So far I like doing the quests alone and only grouping up for the elite ones. I usually find a group in the area where the quest is. Thanks to the folks I grouped with last night to finish three or four quests around the tower to the NE of Lakeshire.

Teine I keep running into idiots too. Other than when Abbygnome grouped/partied(?) with **aruvqan[/b[ who was most certainly not an idiot and was very helpful, I seem to regret grouping. I end up with someone who pulls to many monsters and gets everyone killed repeatedly. (I’ve done it on accident a few times myself, but dang over and over and over again?) I also seem to end up in groups where they set the looting to where only the leader gets the loot, instead of sharing all around.

Great game! Goroshko, my tauren druid on Argent Dawn, just hit 50 last night, and I’m having tremendous fun critting for over 400 points a hit. Look me up sometime!


Would love to but unfortunately I play as the Horde.

I love playing Hunter though as it allows me to roam around with Lionel Richie my level 23 Lion.

Not a big fan of getting ganked but not much I can do about that!

Will definitely look you up if I ever decide to play Alliance and vice-versa.