World Pictures

I’m looking for a couple of pictures of the world… One, I need a political flat map, without any words on it. Two, a “view from outer space”, preferably without clouds. Anyone have an links? I’ve looked all over.

Here’s a view from outer-space without clouds:

I could swear that NASA made a big deal last year some time about releasing an image similar to the one above, but I can’t find it anywhere. Arggh.

Here’s a big political outline map:
And here’s a smaller one:

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Let me specify some more…

Political, COLOURED map. Where countries are different colours. Preferrably one that is rectangular (I forget the name of the projection). Although the other one you sent me (cloudless), might do the trick.

I’m looking for a picture of the globe as it would be seen from space. Not a projection of the entire world.

That’d be yer actual Mercator’s Projection.

The best place for earth images is

SmackFu, that first link you provided not only didn’t work, it also brought up one of those annoying deals where every page brings up two more when you try to close it, so I disabled the link. I’m not sure why it went wrong.