World Record in decathlon

Regarding Olympic and World Records:

  1. Has a decathlete ever set a World or Olympic record in one of his events? For instance, he threw the discus and set the discus record while doing it?

  2. If a record is broken in a qualifying heat (any event, not decathlon), does it still stand even though it wasn’t in the medal round?

Yes, if anyone sets any world record it counts. There were a couple of world records set in swimming in the qualifying events that were not broken in the finals.

However, if a decathlete set a world record in one of his events during a decathlon, he’s in the wrong line of work.

The IAAF maintains a list of “world best” in each decathlon event.

The best decathlon 100 meters is 10.22
The long jump is 8.22 meters
Shot put is 19.17 meters
High jump is 2.27 meters
400 meters is 45.68 (and is 36 years old, set by Bill Toomey of the US at the Mexico City games)
110m hurdles is 13.47
Discus is 55.00 meters (the champion today threw over 70)
Pole vault is 5.76 meters

Couldn’t find the javelin and 1500m bests.