World Value Survey

I’d never heard of the World Value Survey until recently. But I just downloaded their “Wave 6” raw data of 90,350 people surveyed from 2010-2014. 2232 of these surveyees are from the U.S.A. There is much data: each entry has 430 items, some of them answers to non-quantitative multiple-choice questions.

My interest started due to a recent thread which posed the question: What sort of Americans call themselves ‘centrist’? But it will take me much effort just to wade through the data enough to address that question. With little additional effort I could attempt other analyses as well.

Any ideas of interesting questions to address? Would comparisons between America and Europe be most interesting, or should I just try to characterize Americans? Try to get me motivated or I may abandon the whole “project” before I begin! :slight_smile: I’m sure there are interesting things that can be done with the data. For example, Here is a plot showing some trends by country over the recent 35-year period. But I don’t plan to prepare any interesting graphics.