World War 1 -- "Galee-chuh Darno"?

I have an audiobook about World War 1 that I’ve listened through. It’s narrated by a British guy. One of the battles or regions he mentions is something he pronounces as “Galeech uh dano” or “Galeech uh darno”.

Any idea what this might refer to? I know there was a battle on the Eastern front at a place called “Galicia”, but the dano/darno part has me stumped.

The Gorlice–Tarnów Offensive, maybe?

1st May 1915 Austro-German Spring Offensive in Galicia: Battle of Gorlice-Tarnow begins


Damn. Too slow.

Beats me, nothing immediately sprang to mind.

Have you got any more details to go on? Which front was it on, what armies were involved, names of commanders and approximate date would all help narrow it down.

Damn double ninja’d

That’s GOTTA be it. Thanks!

And, as a nifty consequence, we have a pretty good approximation of how to pronounce the names of these two Polish cities.

Ignorance I didn’t even know I had, successfully fought.

I’m not so sure that’s an accurate representation of the pronunciation in Polish. Aren’t w’s normally pronounced like v’s?

Or did you mean an approximation of how to pronounce these two Polish cities in English?

Ignorance reinstated until further notice. :stuck_out_tongue: