World War Three about to start. Russian psychics says so.

Yes, another Ukraine thread. But lighter, not debates about sovereignty and democracy and the like.

An article from 2011:

It’s already upon us. Read the signs, people!

Damn, I knew I should have spent that money on hookers and blow.

Thank god, life was getting boring!

When can I expect Russian troops on my doorstep?

I wonder if any dousing rods were used in making this determination.

Right now I was watching a video of a famous Brazilian vlogger about this.

Well, I don’t know if there are enough countries involved to start a world war. But anyway, what’s happening there is pretty sad. The police has killed many protesters in Kiev. I really wonder what the fuck they think they are doing. They are killing protesters who are protesting for the benefit of the country in which they live in. What the hell?

I can say the same about North Korea. The police there keeps liking Kim Jong un’s ass and defending that government based on tyranny. The world really is fucked up. We need more people who can think for themselves and not have someone else thinking for them.

Well, I wish the best for Ukraine. They really aren’t guilty that the police there is stupid as fuck. What can I say. But anyways as I said, there aren’t enough countries involved to start a world war I guess. People are a little too worried. I’m pretty sure that will soon end and everything will finally be ok for the people there.

You know what? I really wish Aliens visited us. I wish they visited us and killed about ten thousand people. You may be asking “Oh, but why?”. I’ll tell you why

ten thousand people may seem a lot, but that sacrifice will be worth it in the end. The problem is that we own the world. If someone from another planet attacked us, I doubt that all nations wouldn’t join forces to fight. That would bring peace to the world. We all would be one nation. And all the people who died because of war would be alive, so those ten thousand lives would compensate.

I really think humanity is sick. People are too stupid to own a planet. People think they are better than other people but everyone is equal. You may be thinking I’m a communist or something but that’s not true at all. I’m capitalist, but I still think no one is better than anyone else. Why can’t we all just get along, jeez.

People say that what I’m saying is just cheap moralism, and that’s exactly the problem. People started to think that war is something totally normal. NO, it is not normal. Killing people will never be something normal. I mean, we can’t get used to it and live like it isn’t something bad. People die, soldiers kill. Soldiers aren’t murderers, are they? That’s exactly why i think society is sick. To kill people is never the solution. I mean, we have excellent ways of communications nowadays. We could simply talk to each other. Not to mention now we’ve got ONU. Apparently, ONU isn’t doing anything about what’s going on in Kiev. Or if they are, they don’t seem to be doing much.

The entire world is rioting, basically. I am from Brazil and people here are still rioting. People in Egypt, Lybia and so many other countries are doing the same, or have done the same not long ago. I hope humanity will eventually find peace. I mean, weare still evolving as humanity, aren’t we? Perhaps 2014 isn’t the future yet. Who knows? Perhaps we’re just beggining to evolve. I guess that we can consider ourselves as evolved in a few thousand years when we get to build colonies and live on other planets like Mars. I feel like it is just the beginnig

Well, if they are wrong, it won’t be because of a lack of trying on Putin’s part!

I don’t know. Everytime I played X-COM Russia and Brazil were the first to start forming “side deals” with the aliens. :smiley:


You don’t know your history very well.

When the Romans besieged Jerusalem, did the various Jewish factions band together to fight them? Oh hell no. They continued to fight amongst each other including destroying each other’s food.

When the Europeans landed in every different part of the world; North America, South America, Central America, various Pacific islands, did the natives put aside their differences and band together against the new invaders? Oh fuck no. All they did was try to fit the Europeans into their existing map of alliances and rivalries.

When the Mongols were on the doorstep of Europe, did the various European nations set aside their petty differences to band together and face the Mongols? Nope. Neither did any of the central Asian states the Mongols dismantled one by one on their march westward.

Seriously, you’re going to be very hard pressed to find any actual real world examples where nations and groups DID set aside their long standing hatreds and rivalries in the face of a greater threat. Humans are too short sighted and all we do is try to fit it in to what we know.

Whether the aliens showed up 70 years ago, or whether they show up tomorrow, the only thing they’re going to find is a bunch of petty assed Humans who say “Hey, welcome to Earth! How can you help us screw over those guys over there!”