World War Three

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations with books dealing with a hypothetical third world war, both fiction and non-fiction and in any time-period. I’m a fan of Cold War miltary fiction in general and would appreciate anything people think would interest me.

As an example of what I’m talking about are the following books which I already have:

“Arclight” by Eric L. Harry - Probably the best of its type, you have to love a book which starts with a nuclear war and just gets more intense from there.

“Cauldron”, “Red Phoenix” and “Vortex” by Larry Bond

“Domain” by James Herbert, actually a horror novel but it opens with a nuclear attack on London and features some of the most chilling scenes ever.

“Ende - A Diary of the Third World War” by Anton-Andreas Guha. Bit of an obscure one translated from the German original and concerns a diary kept by a civilian on the front lines of a NATO/Warsaw Pact conflict in Germany. Excellent.

“Red Army” by Ralph Peters, good to see something from the other side for once.

as is

“Silent Night - The Defeat of NATO” by Cyril Joly

“Resurrection Day” by Brendan DuBois, alternate history, the Cuban Missile Crisis turns hot.

“The Third World War - August 1985” by General Sir John Hackett and"The Third World War - The Untold Story" by the same author.

“Total War 2006” by Simon Pearson.

“Warday And the Journey Onward” by Whitley Streiber & James Kunetka. Apparently there were plans to detail the novels events from the Soviet perspective in a sequel, I’m sorely disappointed it didn’t happen.

And of course the classic of the genre “Red Storm Rising” by Tom Clancy from when he was actually a decent writer.

For non-fiction there is:

“Red Thrust - Attack on the Central Front, Soviet Tactics and Capabilities in the 1990s” by Stephen J. Zaloga

You mean back when he had an editor with the authority to delete stuff. “This is excellent, Tom, but it is way too wordy. Let’s take out Chapters 7-23, for instance…”

Other than that I regret not having anything to contribute to this thread. Now I’m off to find some of the books listed in the OP.

Team Yankee by Harold Coyle dealt with such a conflict, from a company level.
Limited nuclear exchange.

Alas Babylon dealt with an unlimited nuclear conflict, from a civilian perspective.

Heck, you’ve gotta work The Turner Diaries in there, just in case your library doesn’t have enough hardcore racism in it.

A friend claims that the once rural region in Florida where the story is set is now the site of Disneyworld! I don’t have a copy handy; is it true?

Unknown to me, but unlikely.
That area was horrid swampland before the Rat came.
I know–I used to work at Epcot.

“On The Beach” by Nevil Shute.

If you’re looking for something more subtle and melancholy. Very little about actual war in it.

Swan Song by Robert McCammon is about survivors after a nuclear war. One of my favorites, but it’s not really about the war.

It is set in a small town near Orlando, so maybe.

The Chinese Ultimatum by Edwin McGhee and Robin Moore.
34 East by Alfred Coppel (34º East is roughly the dividing line between the Sinai and Israel)

Red storm rising is a must. I can’t believe it was written by the same guy that wrote The Bear and The Dragon.
But On the Beach by Nevil Shute is my favourite.-

Thanks for the recommendations anyone.

As for Red Storm Rising I remember reading that he wrote in in some sort of collaboration with Larry Bond, and it does have much of the feel of a Bond novel as well.