Worlds Deepest Fish Found In Mariana Trench

Basically it is a snail fish with a funny snout. Question is, why didn’t we find it in 1960? In 20 minutes?

Legion would be proud.
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I’m just glad that the little guy survived Dethklok recording their album down there a few years ago.

How do they know the fish is deep? Maybe it’s the Chance Gardner of the fish world.

I read that title as “Worst deep dish found in Mariana Trench.”

Seemed an awfully long way to go for pizza.

I looked for a thread for this yesterday, I figured The Dope would be all over anything going on in the Mariana Trench (but only for 20 minutes). Then when I didn’t find a thread I forgot to make my own.

Anyway, my favorite part was that the research vessel was named “Falkor”.

Hang on, didn’t Piccard and… the other guy saw a fish at the bottom when they went down there (in the 60s for 20 minutes har har)?

Aha, yes they did!

So, this wouldn’t be the deepest fish ever found; fishermen and their [del]tall[/del] deep tales… :rolleyes:

I figured the same Wile E and thought it would be a monty for a thread.

Anyway I guess we can let this thread sink without trace. Boom boom.