World's largest Norway rat.

Trying to settle a question with an associate as to how physically big a Norway rat can get. I say “Norway” rat to specifically identify the standard American urban “city” rat.

I know there are larger rats and rodents than the “Norway” type but my searches on the web as to the largest Norway rat ever raised or killed or captured has yielded a lot of “pinky is the nicest rat in the world rat” rat fancier sites but no length-weight etc specs for the largest “Norway” rat.

Any help appreciated.

Try this. It seemed to give some pretty good results.

Cornell article

Whoops. Thought this was a thread about Carl I. Hagen. My mistake.

Thanks for the Google/Cornell link but I have already hit several of these type of sites " The Norway rat is commonly x length x weight etc. etc"

What I’m really looking for is the un-commonly huge, monster Ratzilla rats of urban lore. The biggest of the Norway beasts ever verifiably bagged.
Thanks flodnak. While he has a toothy grin I don’t think this is the rat I’m looking for.

I give you the Misplaced Decimal subspecies of the Norway Rat:

Adult with combined head and body length 79.5" (18-25 cm), tail length 68" (15-21 cm), usual weight about 7-18 oz (200-500 g) but up to 20.5 oz (620 9).

Apparently, it is much smaller in Europe. But hey, we’re talking America here, where everything–especially our vermin–is larger than life.


I forgot to mention this:

Largest Rat Ever Caught: Most large urban rats weigh under a 3/4 of pound. Despite the ubiquitous “it was larger than a cat” description of city rats, few rats weigh much more than a pound. The largest dog-caught rat ever weighed (by Brian Plummer) was a monster that tipped the scales at 2.4 pounds.

[No proper citation, but I bet that Brian Plummer keeps a baseball bat by his bed at night.]


From the anecdotal side of things, I’ll bet you can still pay a visit to the west end of the Freer Gallery in the evenings in Washington, DC, and see “Bitey,” who we named after the opossum living in Homer’s monorail. Bitey was so large, fat, and complacent that he could be witnessed practically nightly, lounging in the grass next to the museum. I tend to think he was a 'possum, because he was so much bigger and slower than his numerous friends, but I wasn’t about to check.

Rodents of unusual size? I don’t believe they exist.