World's longest domain name

I have scoured the internet but can’t find a really long one. The longest I am aware of is:

I am guessing there are MUCH MUCH longer ones though.


You can only register a .com domain that’s twenty-two characters long, so is only 18 characters long, plus the .com.

Former web design clients of mine with longer names: – 19 – 20 – 22 (the limit!)

(Yes, I used to design web pages for auctioneers.)
and that page has some really long names listed on it

I won’t comment on how to pronounce that Welsh village [I am assuming that it is located there from the weird combination of letters]. But I would think that the longest domain name would be in Finland - where you can find the longest word in the world which is something about soap. Then, again, would it matter because we can’t read it anyway.

The longest Finnish domain name I found is:

for Suomen Peliautomaattihistoriallen Seura Ry, of course.
39 letters. Finnish Pinball Historical Society? I’m too embarrassed to call my Mom and ask her what this is in my very rough and non-existent Finn accent.

I haven’t gone thru the complete list; I have to go fix dinner for my kids… matt_mcl is winning so far.

There is not a 22 characters limit anymore, its 62 or 60 something.