World's Weirdest Grudge Match: Elton John v. The Dalai Lama

i haven’t said it yet, but i’m sure i’ll say it again:

i hate elton john.

One of the folds of the eightfold path is “right speech.” It’s a recognition and ongoing committment to the fact (belief, if generic-you would prefer) that the words a person utters have an impact on the world. Generally speaking, it boils down to speaking such that it, as much as possible, does not increase the amount of misery in the world. Part of that, I think, lies in not shoving one’s speech into others’ ears–it rests in speaking, and letting others hear when they’re ready to.

I doubt he’s “lying low”–I think rather that he’s simply never been all that interested in grabbing a media spotlight. He wrote a letter of deep regret and sympathy, and made a sizeable donation. I’m quite positive that he’d be happy to discuss his views on peace with those who ask him–just not to use the power he does have by status to force spotlights onto him. He’s one of those people I’m sorry I most likely won’t ever get a chance to meet.

Elton John, on the other hand, is just another celebrity. Couldn’t care less about that.

No way, guys. If we can’t pawn an occasional Falwell or Phelps off on your team, we can’t be expected to take your guys when they get out of line, now can we? :wink: