World's Weirdest Grudge Match: Elton John v. The Dalai Lama

Check it out.

I think I speak for the nation when I say, What the fuck?


Oh, fuck YOU Mr. J. What do you want him to do, go to Afghanistan and say “Terrorism is wrong?” I always thought that was Jesse Jackson’s job. You do realize that once the Dalai Lama makes a statement, the most meaningful impact of it is that it will be plastered onto the signs of war protesters that we’re all ignoring anyway.

So do us a favor and fuck off.


Um, huh? Bashing the Dali Lama? Dude, that’s just so… wow. Bizarre, indeed.

I really hope that was quoting Elton John out of context. If not, it’s a strange statement; as if he expects The Dalai Lama to come hurtling to the fore of the media glut and be on the front with a pacifist fist raised. Even if that were the case, would he get media space for that message?

At any rate, here’s a link to a Tibetan site I respect, for a bit of news.

As the Tibetan people in exile desperately need funds, The Dalai Lama’s donation is quite generous. I hope that Elton John contributes accordingly.

That’s pretty stunning. Maybe elelle is correct that this is some out of context quote.

Don’t be dissin’ the DL.

ooooooooh elton john comments on international affairs ooooooooh I am so fucking impressed oooooooooooh remind me to rush out and change my world view

(maybe he is just really jealous of the shoulder pads that some of the Tibetan monks wear)

Well hell. Life continues to surprise me with oddity.

re-writing mental image of the world into something resonable


I dont know whats worse, that elton felt the need to spout this nonsense or that someone felt it was even worth the bandwidth…I agree WTF?

So, what does this say? That Elton John is just another bonehead celebrity who should have learned to keep his ignorant statements to himself decades ago?
Ummmm… and in other news, grass is usually green.

I’ve never heard of Us Weekly. Does anyone know how reliable a news source it is? After all, if I’d seen something like this in the National Enquirer or Boston Herald (kidding!), I’d be inclined to think Mr. John was, at best, being taken out of context.

If he actually said it, though, let the flaming begin.

For some reason, I want to say that Elton John has a longstanding grudge against the Dalai Lama. Maybe he wanted to do a benefit concert and was turned down or something. This may be another manifestation of the possible grudge.

Can anyone else shed some light on my dim recollection? Or am I (as usual) talking out of the wrong orifice?

US Magazine is a People magazine wannabe.

'Nuff said?

Well, to some extent, Elton John’s got a point. I mean, the TV shows were interviewing every goddamn military and war expert they could get their hands on, just after the attack. We never heard from any credible, experienced, respected advocates of peaceful resolution. To that extent, the Dalai Lama has left it to the amateurs to advocate a legitimate (although decidedly unfamiliar, to the U.S.) worldview. Which makes it easier for people to dismiss them as freaks and unrealistic nutjobs.

[Thanks by the way, to those of you who have never for one fucking second asked yourself if by chance your cultural upbringing and education had anything to do with your beliefs about conflict resolution. Instead you assume that peace sounds nuts to you because there must be some universal law of humanity that says it will never work–I mean, golly Gomer, why else would it not resonate with you? Good christ, what a waste of education if you never learned to be a critical thinker. Sorry, this is a bitch that has been seething and broiling inside of me for some time]

Back the rant at hand. At any rate, however, maybe the DL is good to lie low. I know many people have felt that any expression of peace is insensitive to those who have suffered from the 9/11 tragedies. I disagree pretty strongly with that, but the sentiment on the other side is strong and persistent. If the DL spoke out, he’d probably be labeled a huge prick by a lot of people.

You have a valid point, Cranky, and I’ll be the first to admit that I never seriously considered a peaceful response to the hijackings/bombings. I know my cultural heritage has a lot to do with that. Looking at the situation objectively (as much as possible, anyway), though, it would seem to me that a peaceful resolution would require negotiation and a willingness to concede by both sides. Osama bin Laden has been fairly adamant in his beliefs and statements, and I don’t believe that negotiation would resolve the problems he has with the U.S. He seems bent on waging war, in my (admittedly uninformed) opinion. How do you negotiate with someone like that?

Thanks, Sauron, for acknwoledging my point despite it’s rudeness.

I feel compelled to offer to treat that new asshole I unfairly ripped you and others. Let me go get some gauze and some witch hazel.

This is the guy who agreed to sing and dance with Eminem, and he’s yelling at the Dalai Lama?

That’s it. I’m revoking his gay license.

Ack! No, no, no, no! I’m stomping my feet to make this go away, but nothing’s happening. No, no, no, no!

Ah, shit, Elton. A few days ago, I had to hear about Bobby Fischer, and now this? Damn. Just plain damn.

Re: the OP. Yikes! AsMatt pointed out, any gay guy who pals with Eminem and disses the Dalai Lama needs to get booted out of the gay club. For shame!

Cranky, ahem. You really should open up a new thread on that topic because it ought to be discussed. I will say that you are making inaccurate assumptions about the Board (that none of has traveled and none of us is smart enough to look beyond societal biases).

I would also suggest that you examine the failure of Kim Dae Jung’s “sunshine policy” toward North Korea, and then get back to me about the possibility of making peace with someone who wants to fight.

Dude, I never said you didn’t travel, I didn’t say the board isn’t smart enough. By cultural upbringing and education I don’t mean how much anyone has studied or travelled. I mean that our culture is pretty monolithic in our celebration of might makes right. It’s simply our way of looking at things most of the time. It’s not wholly invalid, but it’s also not complete. Unless we were raised in a commune or a friends’ school, I’ll bet all of us (myself included) are woefully underprepared to really truly consider other paradigms and grasp all their intricacies and possiblities.

I am sure some Dopers have given some thought to how a persistent historical and cultural bias effects their worldview, but I don’t think it is by any means a majority.

I think you’re also mixing me up with some other posters. Why take me to task for proposing that we make peace with someone who wants to fight? I didn’t. I didn’t answer that portion of Sauron’s query because I think he’s right. I was writing about the goddamn Dalai Lama, fer chrissakes, not proposing a policy agenda for the United States or either of the two Koreas.

No way am I starting a thread for that–I think I’ve already explained my views (today, even!) in a GD or GQ thread about how far a pacifist would have to be pushed. We don’t need another. I also don’t get the impression that anyone is terribly interested in a thread about paradigms. I feel like we’d be dredging up the same old issues we’ve been scratching around for 6 weeks. True, we may not have discussed them directly, but I haven’t the stomach for a recap of much of it, know what I mean?