Worldwide APB

Mrs. Call (I’ll call her “Betty”) was expecting an important phone call from her boss’s boss’s boss this morning at 9:30. She called me at 10:30 annoyed the call hadn’t arrived.

Then she calls me at 11:45 with this: She just received a call that Mr. Boss is sick today and won’t be calling. Who did she receive the call from? Not Mr. Boss’s assistant because he’s out of town. Being the kind person he is, Mr. Boss’s assistant left a message for one of his co-workers: “Please call Betty to let her know Mr. Boss will call her tomorrow.” This co-worker started her day at 8:30 with this message.

Mrs. Call works for a large multi-national corporation with offices in New York, Paris, Sydney, London, etc. etc. etc. She works in the Windsor office. Co-worker has no idea which Betty in which office. She spent all morning calling each Betty in the world on Mr. Boss’s list from 8:30 until 11:45 when she finally reached the right one!

And I thought I was having a bad day.