Worm Factory 360 & Rockdust

Stumbled upon this interesting space convenient contraption that uses worms to create nutrient-rich compost (as well as a water-soluble nutrient-rich solution ) out of newspaper, cardboard and leftover meals. The most common complaint on Amazon was that it was too small to cover all their leftovers, but the upgraded version boasts improvements in design…

Worm Factory 360 Youtube Video (they start breaking it down 40 seconds in)

You can’t put meat or dairy in it and are discouraged from using heavily processed food, but that sounds manageable enough.

This is an overview from Mycologist Paul Stamets website.

~“Mycorrhizal fungi are a key component to a healthy garden, but high-quality soil can give you a great head start. Composting with worms allows you to turn kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient-rich soil for your plants. The Worm Factory® 360 composting system makes the entire process quick and easy. You can even use it to compost your Indoor Mushroom Patches when they are through producing! With a thermo siphon air flow design, the Worm Factory 360 increases the composting speed. Now you can produce compost much faster than traditional composting methods. Master gardeners agree, worm castings are one of the richest forms of fertilizer that you can use. The Worm Factory® 360 can be used indoors or outdoors allowing year round production. It is also odorless, making it great for apartments, kitchens, garages, porches and more.

For the Urban Gardner this looks to be a potentially worthy investment, as is mentioned toward the end of the Youtube video one woman puts it in her dishwasher. Hopefully someone here has already tried this and can offer some feedback.

Also, it’s mentioned Rockdust is believed to be beneficial for the compost and worms; I’d love to hear any feedback about this too.