Worst... Alarm Clock... EVER!!

This was this morning, and it is now evening so the sense of anger in this post may be somewhat subdued.

(or, “warning: weak rant”)
At about 8:00am I was woken up from a rare and blissful dream by the most annoying sound on earth. The constant rythmic hell that is a barking dog. 3 Hours this went on for. And it was the kind of deep bass bark that treats walls and double-glazing like air.

To make things worse it was one of those dogs that likes to jump it’s forefeet in time with it’s bark, and what happened to be under those feet? A metal tray. That’s what. So this dog was barking and jumping on a metal tray. Rather annoying, that. And it lives right next door too. What fun.

I have a similar situation, here’s what i did…

step 1; go to hardware store, get 2 gallon pump-up crop sprayer
step 2; pour in water
step 3; add just a touch of Habanero pepper hot sauce
step 4; mix and pump up the sprayer
step 5; wait for annoying mutt to start it’s infernal yapping
step 6, fling open the door, yell “shut up” and hose the mutt down with spicy water

it won’t hurt the dog, and it gets it to shut up

this year, i’m using a super soaker for increased range, the crop sprayer falls just short of the dog if i use it from my doorway, a super soaker will have better range