Worst ever hotel review?

I was looking for a hotel in Chicago near the Chidope on May 31, and I came across these reviews for the Irving Hotel.

They are the worst I’ve ever seen. Excerpts from the 3 reviews:

“Absolutely deplorable conditions. Today, while I was sitting in my car at the stoplight at Lamon, I witnessed an old man naked and playing with himself in front of his room window… That place is a stain on an otherwise adorable neighborhood.”

“…I’m sure all those homeless dudes begging your $ at the 6 corners intersection live here. And according to www.familywatchdog.us, rooms 206, 217, 221 and 301 each contain a separate registered sex offender- …”

“youll get crabs just staying here…”

Can you find worse?

Well, since I started the “What’s the seediest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?” thread, I had a few leads to follow.

Most of the hotels named were unfindable, but one paid out pretty well: the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York. One review begins:

Another review reads, “You know those sleazy motels just off the interstate that you know are for extramarital affairs and tractor-trailer sex - this would be the NYC equivalent.” And another is titled, “OH HELLZ NEVER AGAIN NAW!!”.

Oh wow. I used to work around the corner from there and did have a couple of drinks in the bar once. I had no idea it was so crappy to actually stay there.

Yours Is A Very Bad Hotel

(The link is to a powerpoint presentation.)

I posted about the Hotel Pennsylvania in that thread, so I guess I’ve already had my say, but… dear god. In a town full of crummy hotels, that’s one of the crummiest.

Not a review or link to one but just a suggestion: if you ever use Priceline or Orbitz or a similar website to find quality hotel rooms cheap, ALWAYS select 3 stars or better. To me, a 2 star hotel would be *at very least * something akin to perhaps a Hampton Inn or Comfort Inn- okay, no frills but clean room/decent cable/safe area. Those sites define it differently and they count Extended Stay and Red Roof Inns (which, like Holiday Inn or Best Western, range from really nice to places you wouldn’t let an aunt you don’t like stay in and there’s no way of telling which is which by the name or pics on the web) and other “Pay As You Go Hotel d’Transient” type places with waffle thin pillows and discourteous incompetent staff in “iffy” areas and with lots of day laborer types having parties downstairs and the like. Three star gets you up to at least a Holiday Inn Express/Courtyard type level, which is much nicer and usually about the same price.

The Hotel Carter in NYC. The shocking thing about it is it is located on 43rd St right in the heart of Times Square!

“The worst hotel (if you can call it that) experience ever. The beds actually had Bugs! Very disgusting. The room and bathroom were very dirty and they didn’t even have curtains/blinds on the windows.”

“We slept with socks, pants, and with a fleece because we were scarred that there would be bedbugs in here. I even slept with my head covered with my hood because I was afraid to put my head directly on the pillow.”

“When we opened the lights, we saw a big bedbug and many little ones on both beds in the room.”

“Just back from this hellhole of an excuse of a hotel. Where do i start. No hot water, no heating. The filthiest hotel i have ever stayed in. It was like a doss house. My room was so cold i had to wear most of my clothes to bed. Room keys didnt work. Bathroom hadnt been cleaned before i arrived.”

“This was the most disgusting place I have ever slept in. The room was filthy. The whole hotel stank. The staff were unhelpful. There was nowhere to hang clothes. The window was cracked and broken and a pair of mens socks were jammed between the sash. If you touched the walls the dirt came off on your finger.”

They even included some lovely photos of the rooms to see for yourself.

What’s a “doss house”?

As for the bedbug thing, I’ve heard (in the last wave of news frenzies) that they’re becoming an increasing problem in hotels, even in the top-notch ones.

E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.

Doss-house (A).

A cheap lodging-house where the poorer classes sleep on bundles of straw. (See above.) 1
In the New Review (Aug., 1894) there is an article entitled “In a Woman’s Doss-house,” which throws much light on the condition of the poor in London.

This one of those phrases I wasn’t quite sure of, myself. I remember Heinlein (I think…) using it, but in context I thought he meant a low end house of prostitution. Guess not.

Health and safety inspectors closed down the lovely :rolleyes: Green Lake Motel in our fair city of Seattle the other day.
In this article it says:

On the news, they showed some of the exposed, dangerous wiring and made mention of a nasty mold problem.

The only review I’ve found so far is by a Yahoo user:

Cringe Ewww!

Amazingly, there are many people who have lived there a long time, even though it really isn’t the bargain you might expect. I guess the attraction is that you can pay by the week instead of by the month. One woman has even lived there 24 years. 24 years! And another woman has been living in that cesspool with her 2-year-old girl for all the kid’s life. But I’d better not get into that because that’s Pitworthy material there.