Worst example of mob mentality on the internet

Schadenfreude is pretty rampant on the internet. People divulge so much, so easily and it is so accessable to so many others. I’ve heard of situations where people really went overboard- for example a Korean woman whose dog defecated on a train; the video of her offense seemed to turn her into some kind of pariah in korea (at least for a while).

In a way its kind of scary to think that any of us could potentially have something embarassing/incriminating revealed on the internet and have a whole swarm of weirdos and oddballs :cool: cough unload their disapproval through blogs, songs, photoshops and parody videos.

What are some of the more notorious examples you’ve seen?

The fat Star Wars kid springs to mind.

Howard Dean. Tho’ that wasn’t strictly net only.

The reactions to the Katrina Looter guy, perhaps?

Steve Bartman! (Headset guy at Wrigley Field)

from Wiki:

Plus, they blew up the ball!

(I also heard that down in Florida they named a street after him. “Bartman blvd.” or something. But I don’t know if that’s true or not.)

I think most everything on 4chan . org (link broken to preserve the sanity of potential clickers) could count. Obi Wan was wrong – that is the most wretched hive of scum and villainy imaginable.