Worst Job Interview You Were the Inteviewer On

I have friends and acquaintances or have worked with people who are exactly like this. I hate to tell you, but they are the norm.

Yes, some people have a metabolic disorder. One of them means they can’t break down trimethylamine. They smell like rotten fish. There are others. Not always easy to track down either.

I was interviewing folks for Business Analyst positions. I came across one guy who had been to medical school but dropped out. My boss (director) was curious so we set it up. This guy could not stay on topic. But I did learn that he had been a neighbor to my cousins when growing up. I asked why he left medical school and he said he discovered that being doctor wasn’t for him and left it at that. I recommended against hiring him because he was so scattered.

The next day, the guy calls the managing director to ask about the company and mentions he’s been following the stock and the business news about the (now defunct) company. He tells me that I must hire the guy. I explained why I recommended against him but the company put forth an offer. My boss just said “Do what you can with him. Take the challenge.”

Shortly thereafter I was hijacked into a different aspect of the project and a different BA manager came in to take my previous position. After 8 months of working with Mr. Scattered, he was let go. In all that time, he never produced a single, usable piece of work and there had been a great deal of discussion about drugs or alcohol. I really felt bad for the guy as he clearly had some serious issues, but when I heard the news, I just bit my tongue as my boss said, “We should have listened to you.”

But did his boss, the MD who actually made the mistake, ever know about the time and money he pissed away on a stupid decision?

Over 8 months the guy probably consumed one other worker’s worth of everyone’s time, and thereby prevented 2 workers’-worth of work getting done. So 16 worker-months at probably ~50K-$70K/yr is approaching a $100K mistake. Plus 30% for overhead.

Ought to have been a firing offense for the MD.

There are other reasons the MD should have been fired as well, but no, he didn’t ask.

Good answer: I love organizing a team so we can accomplish more than anybody can as an individual.
Bad answer: I like to tell people what to do.

The latter sounds like a control freak or someone on a power trip.

The woman who kept interrupting to ask about the dental plan because she needed “thousands of $$$ of dental work”

You may be amazed to find that some people would have a problem with it and might even say so.

You are correct, and a surprising number of them are themselves women.

It didn’t get as far as an interview. My boss was going through some resumes for a Customer Service job and one yahoo had a contact email of “2Sexy4You@hotmail.com”. Was weeded out of the pile with that.