Worst new malt beverage

Well, apparently Jack Daniel’s Hard Cola blows. It seems more and more companies are coming out with their own “Premium Malt Beverages”, the majority of which taste just a little bit more flavorful than Zima, and that’s not saying much. So, I’m just curious…what’s the worst new “premium” beverage you’ve had?

Me? It’s a toss up between the Twisted Tea and Cpt. Morgan Gold. With the Cpt. Morgan’s, I at least took two swigs from the bottle to make sure I wasn’t completely wrong in determining that the beverage was shit, but the Twisted Tea got a sip, then a nice long trip through the pluming. Yet somehow, Cpt. Morgan’s gives me even worse memories.

I think they put the wrong picture on the Captain Morgan’s Gold. It tastes like it should be Aunt Jemima. My bartender poured small samples for several of us, and we agreed it tasted like it should be poured over pancakes. Bleeaagh…

It’s a tough call between Captain Morgan Gold (Who thought that was a good idea? Who?) and Bodean’s Twisted Tea, but Bodean’s beats the other by a hair. If you haven’t tried BTT, count yourself lucky.

Another vote for Captain Morgan Gold. They failed miserably at the “Malt Beverage that tastes like a Captain and Coke.” To me, it tastes like reconsitituted (as in made from power out of a can) iced tea with rancid corn syrup. Ick. Although, I loved the ads for it.

Read Slate’s review of malt beverages.

They say Captain Morgan’s is the absolute worst.

Captain Morgan’s id the worst I’ve had, though I’ve never had twisted tea or Jakc Daniel’s hard cola.

I like Smirnoff, Bacardi Silver, and ZIma. Of course, they all taste alike. And I’d rather have some hard liquor anyways.

Skyy Blue.

Does that qualify as a malt? It has vodka. :confused:

…anyway, it’s too damn sweet if you have more than one.

I like any of the citrus-flavored drinks (Smirnoff Ice, Skyy Blue, Mike’s Hard Lemonade). Capatain Morgan’s Gold is bad, and Mike’s Hard Iced Tea leaves much to be desired as well. I haven’t tried Jack Daniel’s Hard Cola, and based on the unanimous bad reveiws it’s gotten, I’m not in any hurry. Maybe I’ll wait to see if it goes on clearance at the local liquor store.

Skyy Blue doesn’t have vodka. It is definately a malt.

Smirnoff Ice is my favorite. But, I would rather have the real thing. It is nice to be able to get something other then regular beer in places that only server beer.